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Neues aus dem Wasteland: 25.01.08

Wasteland-Jahresrückblick 2007

mit Reiner Bös und den Gästen Klaus R., Martin S. u. Tobi M.

Unterlegmusik während der Sendung:
Album: Circle feat. Verde- tower

Die drittliebsten Alben:
01. MV & EE with the Golden Road- country fried (MARTIN)
v.A. “Getting´gone”, Ecstatic Peace/USA´07; Cargo
02. TAPES´N TAPES- insistor (KLAUS)
v.A. “The loon”, XL Recordings/UK´06; Indigo
03. AKRON/FAMILY- lake song/new ceremonial for moms (TOBI)
v.A. “Love is simple”, Young God/USA´07; Cargo
04. MAGIC MARKERS- axis mundi (REINER)
v.A. “Boss”, Ecstatic Peace/USA´07; Cargo

Die zweitliebsten Alben:
05. RED KRAYOLA/ART & LANGUAGE- sighs trapped by liars (MARTIN)
v.A. “Sighs trapped by liars”, Drag City/USA´07; Rough Trade
06. APOSTLE OF HUSTLE- national anthem of nowhere (TOBI)
v.A. “National of anthem of nowhere”, City Slang/UK`07; Universal
07. EA 80- rückfahrschein (KLAUS)
v.A. „Reise“, Slowboy/D´07; Broken Silence
08. GRAILS- silk rd (REINER)
v.A. „Burning off impurities“, Temporary Residence/USA´07; Cargo

Die liebsten Alben:
09. GRAILS- soft temple (MARTIN)
siehe 08.
10. FIERY FURNACES- duplexes of the dead (KLAUS)
v.A. “Widow city”, Thrill Jockey/USA´07; R.Trade
v.A. “Fantastic hawk”, Bb Island/Absolutely Kosher/USA´07; Cargo
12. THE TERMINALS- last days of the sun (REINER)
v.A. “Last days of the sun”, Last Visible Dog/USA´07; A-Musik
Lieblingslieder aus 2007:
13. MENOMENA- the pelican (REINER)
14. P.W. LONG- sweetest weirdo (MARTIN)
16. SHELLAC- the end of radio (REINER)

Die Listen 2007:

• REINERs Lieblinge:
01. The Terminals- last days of the sun (Last visible dog USA´07)
02. Grails- burning off impurities (Temporary Residence USA´07)
03. Magic Markers- boss (Ecstatic Peace USA´07)
04. Fire on Fire- s/t EP (Young God USA´07)
05. Akron/Family- Love is simple (Young God USA´07)
06. Fabio Orsi&Gianluca Becuzzi- muddy speaking ghosts through…(A Silent Place IT´07)
07. Chriss Sutherland- me in a field (Digitalis Recordings USA´07)
08. PJ Harvey- white chalk (Island´07)
09. Owen- at home with…(Polyvinyl USA´07)
10. Battles- mirrored (Warp´07)
11. Circle feat. Verde- tower (Last visible dog USA´07)
12. Sir Richard Bishop- polytheistic fragments (Drag City USA´07)
13. Jesu- conqueror (Hydra Head USA´07)
14. Various Artists- Moteer-Sampler (Moteer UK´07)
15. 34 Had Been Eliminated- theory (Soleil Moon/F´07)
16. Deerhoof- friend opportunity (Tomlab D´07)
17. Hala Strana- Heave the gambrel roof (Music Fellowship USA´07)
18. James Blackshaw- the cloud of unknowing (Tompkins Square UK´07)
19. Klimek- dedications (Anticipate USA´07)
20. Guiseppe Iealasi- august (12K/USA´07)

01. Grails- burning off impurities (Temporary Residence USA´07)
02. Red Krayola/Art and Language- sighs trapped by liars (Drag City USA´07)
03. MV & EE with the Golden Road- getting´gone (Ecstatic Peace USA´07)
04. P.W.LONG- god bless the drunkhard´s dog (Southern USA´07)
05. Magic Markers- boss (Ecstatic Peace USA´07)
06. Jesu- conqueror (Hydra Head USA´07)
07. Acid Mothers Temple- myth of the love electrique (Riot Season USA´07)
08. Sir Richard Bishop- while my guitar violently blee (Locust USA´07)
09. Jackie ´o´Motherfucker- valley of fire (Textile/F´07)
10. Wolf Eyes- black wing over the sand (Kning Disk/SWE´07)

• TOBIs:
01. Bottom of the Hudson- Fantastic Hawk (Absolutely Kosher/2007)
02. Apostle of Hustle- National Anthem of Nowhere (Arts & Crafts Prod./2007)
03. LCD Soundsystem- Sound of Silver (DFA/2007)
04. Efdemin- Efdemin (Dial Records/2007)
05. Akron/Family- Love is simple (Young God Rec./2007)
06.Pantha du Prince- This Bliss (Dial/2007)
07. Blood Brothers- Young Machetes (Wichita/2006)
08. Kommando Sonne-nmilch- Jamaica (Buback/2007)
09. James Holden- The idiots are winning (Border Community/2006)
10. Panda Bear- Person Pitch (Paw Tracks/2007)
11. Modeselektor- Happy Birthday (BPitch Control/2007)
12. Bill Callahan- Woke on a Whaleheart (Drag City/2007)
13. Sterica- Oltre (Homeopathic/2007)
14. Matthew Dear- Asa Breed (Gosthly International/2007)
15. Michaela Melian- Los Angeles (Monika/2007)
16. Battles- Mirrored (Warp/2007)

01. Fiery Furnaces- widow city (Thrill Jockey USA´07)
02. EA 80- reise (Slowboy Records D´07)
03. Tapes ´N Tapes- The loon (XL UK´06)
04. Sir Richard Bishop- polytheistic fragments (Drag City USA´07)
05. Xela- the dead sea (Type UK´06)
06. Iron and Wine- the shepherd´s dog (Sub Pop USA´07)
07. Minus Story- My ion truss (Jagjaguwar USA´07)
08. A Hawk and a Hacksaw- … and the Hun Hangar Ensemble (Leaf UK´07)
09. Charalambides- likeness (Kranky USA´07)
10. Crescent- little waves /FatCat UK´07)



Sendung vom 28. Dezember 2007
Neues vom Winterspeck

01. MAGIK MARKERS- axis mundi
02. MAGIK MARKERS- last of the lemach line
Beide v.A. „Boss“, Ecstatic Peace!/USA´07; Cargo
03. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- strangled road
v.A. “Shelter from the ash”, Drag City/USA´07; Rough Trade
04. WHITE MAGIC- shine on heaven
05. WHITE MAGIC- winds
Beide v.EP “Dark stars”, Drag City/USA´07; R.Trade

06. FIRE ON FIRE- amnesia
07. FIRE ON FIRE- three or more
Beide v.CDEP “s/t”, Young God/USA´07; www.younggodrecords.com
08. CHRISS SUTHERLAND- la familia
Beide v.A. « Me in a field », Digitalis Arts&Crafts Editions/USA´07; A-Musik

10. MV+EE AND THE GOLDEN ROAD- susquehanna
Beide v.A. „Gettin´ gone“, Ecstatic Peace!/USA´07; Cargo
12. BLACK MOUNTAIN- angels
Beide v.A. „In the future“, Jagjaguwar/USA´07; Cargo

14. WOODEN SHJIPS- losin´time
15. WOODEN SHJIPS- we ask you to ride
Beide v.A. „s/t“, Holy Mountain/USA´07; A-Musik
16. KING KONG- hungry tiger
17. KING KONG- cirque du blase
Beide v.A. „Buncha beans“, Drag City/USA´07; R.Trade
18. SIR RICHARD BISHOP- canned goods&firearms
19. SIR RICHARD BISHOP- elysium number five
20. SIR RICHARD BISHOP- rub´al khali
21. SIR RICHARD BISHOP- ecstasies in the open air
Alle v.A. “Polytheistic fragmants”, Drag City/USA´07; R.Trade



Sendung vom 09. November 2007

01. NYLES LANNON- hesitation
02. NYLES LANNON- did I lose you
03. NYLES LANNON- slipping
04. NYLES LANNON- the well groomed man
Alle v.A. “Pressare”, Badman/USA´07; Cargo
05. BLITZEN TRAPPER- sci-fi kid
06. BLITZEN TRAPPER- devil´s a-go-go
07. BLITZEN TRAPPER- hot tip/tough cub
Alle v.A. “Wild mountain nation”, Subpop/USA´07; Cargo

08. DEERHUNTER- fluorescent grey
Von der CD-EP “Fluorescent grey”; Kranky/USA´07; Cargo
09. DEERHUNTER- octet-stream
v. A. “Cryptograms”, Kranky/USA´07; Cargo
10. ARBOURETUM- signposts and instruments
11. ARBOURETUM- pale rider blues
Beide v.A. „Rites of uncovering“, Thrill Jockey/USA´07; Rough Trade

12. THE TERMINALS- vertigo
13. THE TERMINALS- last days of the sun
14. THE TERMINALS- out on a blue moon
15. THE TERMINALS- crown of teeth
Alle v.A. “The last days of the sun”, Last visibile dog/USA´07; A-Musik
16. THE DRONES- cockeyed lowlife of the highlands
17. THE DRONES- I drink
Beide v. der 7“ „Custom made“, ATP Recordings/UK´07; Rough Trade

18. FUCK BUTTONS- bright tomorrow
v. 7” “Bright tomorrow”, ATP Recordings/UK´07; Rough Trade
19. MANU HOLTERBACH- patterns in a moonshine soundscape
v. der DCD-Compilation “Atlantic Waves 2007 Festival Sampler”; THE WIRE 11/07
20. KLIMEK- for Ezekiel Honig & young (pan) Americans
21. KLIMEK- for Zofia Klimek & Gregory Crewdson
Beide v.A. „Dedications“, Anticipate/USA´07; A-Musik



Sendung vom 26. Oktober 2007

v.A. „Muddy speaking ghosts...“; A Silent Place/IT´07; A-Musik
02. BURNING STAR CORE- everything 2000
v.A. “Mes soldats stupides”, Cenotaph Audio/USA´05 ; US-Import
03. FURSAXA- black haw
v.A. “Alone in the dark wood”, ATP/UK´07; Rough Trade
04. BJ NILSEN- Viking, Cromarty
05. BJ NILSEN- black light
06. BJ NILSEN- Viking north
alle v.A. “The short night”, Touch/UK´07; Cargo

07. ROBERT WYATT- just as you are
08. ROBERT WYATT- del mondo
beide v.A. „Comicopera“, Domino/UK´07; Rough Trade
10. RED CRAYOLA/ART&LANGUAGE- sighs trapped by liars
beide v.A. „Sighs trapped by liars“, Drag City/USA´07; R.Trade
11. SCOUT NIBLETT- do you want to be buried with my people
v.A. “This fool can die know”, Too Pure/UK´07; Indigo
12. ANGELS OF LIGHT- this is not here/this is not now
13. ANGELS OF LIGHT- black river song
v.A. “We are him”, Young God/USA´07; Cargo

14. ALAN VEGA- psychopatha
v.A. „Station“, Mute/UK´07; EMI
15. FROG EYES- evil energy, the ill twin of...******
16. FROG EYES- eagle energy
beide v.A. „Tears of the valedictorian“, Bb Island+Absolutely Kosher/USA´07; Cargo
17. ENON- mr. Ratatatatat
18. ENON- law of johnny dolittle
beide v.A. „Grass geysers...carbon clouds“, Touch+Go/USA´07; Soulfood

19. WEEN- friends
v.A. “La cucaracha”, Schnitzel Records/UK´07 ; Rough Trade
20. WOLF EYES- claustrophy 2
v.A. “Claustrophy”, self-released
21. GOGOOO- derrière
22. GOGOOO- partir loin
beide v.A. „Long, lointain“, Baskaru/F´07; A-Musik u. Drone

****** Frog Eyes live am 29.10.07, Darmstadt – 603qm

Weitere Konzerttipps :
Jackie´O`Motherfucker live am 01.11.07, Darmstadt – Oetinger Villa
Apse live am 04.11.07, Darmstadt – 603qm



Playlist der Sendung vom 19. Oktober 2007

Der 4 Stunden Marathon mit allen Sendungsmachern.
(Orange = Neues aus dem Wasteland)

Honeymoon Killers - Ariane

01. derzeitiges Lieblingslied
Amy Winehouse * Tears dry on their own
Jens Lekman * The opposite of hallelujah
Band of Horses * Is there a ghost
Bob Dylan * Workingman's blues #2

02. ein Lied für RadioX
Alfred Alpaka w/ Danny Stewart's Hawaiians * The Hukilau song
The Go Betweens * People say
Flaming Lips * Turn it on
Scissor Sisters * Tits on the radio

03. Coverversion
The Flying Lizards * Sex machine (J.Brown)
Axton Kincaid * I wanna be adored (Stone Roses)
Misfits * Last caress
Aerial * Last caress (Misfits)

Rosie Thomas * The one i love (R.E.M.)
Gigolo Aunts * Why can't this be love (Van Halen)

04. Duette
Jane Birkin & Mickey (3d) * Je m'appelle Jane
Johnny Cash & June Carter * Oh what a good thing we had
Velvet Underground (Lou Reed & Moe Tucker) * I'm sticking with you
The Jesus & Mary Chain (Jim Reid with Hope Sandoval) * Sometimes always
Arty Fufkin (Thom Yorke vs. Kelly Clarkson) * Atoms

05. besonders schräg
Ariel Pink * Strange fires
Half Japanese * Sex in your parents house
Triton Junior High Band * Beat it
Tiny Tim * Living in the sunlight, loving in the moonlight
Byrd E. Bath & Rodney Dangerfield * Florence of Arabia

06. angenehm stumpf
Andreas Dorau * angenehm stumpf
Oneida * Up with people
Knarf Rellöm with the Shi Sha Shellöm * Null Eins
Trio * Da Da Da I Don't Love You You Don't Love Me Aha Aha Aha
Deichkind * Remmi demmi

07. besonders laut
Parts + Labor * Brighter days
Hüsker Dü * Don't wanna know if you are lonely
Motorhead * Ace of spades
Fugazi * Merchandise
Justice * Stress

08. Alkohol
The Andrew Sisters * Rum & Coca Cola
Amos Milburn * One scotch, one bourbon, one beer
Arab Strap * Last orders
Frankie Yankovic * In heaven there is no beer

09. peinlichstes Lieblingslied
License IV * Viens boire un p'tit coup a la maison
Cher * Believe
Robbie Williams * Advertising space
Udo Jürgens * Ich frag nicht
Lake * Key to the rhyme

10. Protestsong
Gill Scott-Heron * The revolution will not be televised
The Clash * White riot
Billy Bragg * Waiting for the great leap forwards
Curtis Mayfield * Miss black America
Freakwater * Warpigs

11. Lied über die Liebe
Belle & Sebastian * I don't love anyone
Own * A bird in hand
Marvin Gaye * Let's get it on (live)
Gladys Knight & the Pips * Midnighttrain to Georgia


Leider nicht beantwortet:
12. Erlebnis mit Musik
13. außen hübsch verpackt, innen häßlich



Playlist vom 12. Oktober 2007

v.A. “Muddy speaking ghosts through my machines”; A Silent Place/IT´07; A-Musik
02. GLENN JONES- david and the phoenix
v.A. “Against which the sea continually beats”; Strange Attractors/USA´07; US-Import
03. JAMES BLACKSHAW- running to the ghost
04. JAMES BLACKSHAW- the mirror speaks
beide v.A. „The cloud of unknowing“; Tompkins Square/UK´07; UK-Import
05. HALA STRANA- marl
06. HALA STRANA- molars of smoke
beide v.A. „Heave the gambrel roof”, Music Fellowship/USA´07; A-Musik

08. CHRISTA PFANGEN- I´m leaving
beide v.A. „Watching me getting back the end“; Die Schachtel/IT´07; A-Musik
09. CIRCLE feat. VERDE- track 1
10. CIRCLE feat. VERDE- track 3
beide v.A. „Tower“; Last Visible Dog/USA´07; A-Musik
11. ISLAJA- pysähtyneet planeetat
v.A. “Ulual yyy”, Fonal/FIN´07; A-Musik
12. PJ HARVEY- white chalk
13. PJ HARVEY- broken harp
14. PJ HARVEY- when under ether
alle v.A. “White Chalk”, Island/UK´07; Universal

15. JOSE GONZALEZ- killing for love
16. JOSE GONZALEZ- how low
beide v.A. „It´s our nature“, Peacefrog/UK´07; Rough Trade
17. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO.- the black ram
18. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO.- what´s broken becomes better
beide v.A. „The black ram” aus der “Sojourner”-Box, S.Canadian/USA´07; Cargo
19. AKRON/FAMILY- don´t be afraid, you´re already dead
20. AKRON/FAMILY- ed is a portal
21. AKRON/FAMILY- there´s so many colors
alle v.A. “Love is simple”, Young God/USA´07; Cargo





Sendung vom 07. September 2007

01. FINN- moon river
von der gleichnamigen CD-Single, Sunday Service/D´07; Hausmusik/Indigo
02. ME SUCCEEDS- no talk
v.A. “Riemerling”, Sunday Service/D´07; Hausmusik/I.
03. PINBACK- how we breathe
04. PINBACK- devil you know
05. PINBACK- torch
alle v.A. “Autumn of the seraphs”, Touch+Go/USA´07; Soulfood

06. MENOMENA- wet&rusting
v.A. “Friend and foe”, City Slang/D´07; Universal
07. CARIBOU- after hours
08. CARIBOU- niobe
beide v.A. „Andorra“, City Slang/D´07; Universal
09. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE- peacebone
beide v.A. “Strawberry jam”, Domino/UK´07; Rough Trade

11. MARMOSET- das boot
12. MARMOSET- i saw your shadow
13. MARMOSET- apples
14. MARMOSET- pass it along
alle v.A. “Florist fired”, Secretly Canadian/USA´07; Cargo
15. JENNIFER GENTLE- electric princess
v.A. “The midnight room”, Sub Pop/USA´07; Cargo
16. MARMOSET- personality candyspots
siehe 14.

17. LIARS- sailing to Byzantium
18. LIARS- cycle time
19. LIARS- clear island
alle v.A. “s/t”; Mute/UK´07; Pias
20. CRESCENT- cup
21. CRESCENT- hey, september
beide v.A. „Little waves“, FatCat/UK´07; R.Trade
22. OKKERVIL RIVER- savannah smiles
23. OKKERVIL RIVER- our life is not a movie or maybe
24. OKKERVIL RIVER- a girl in port
alle v.A. “The stage names”, Jagjaguwar/USA´07; Cargp





Sendung vom 03. August 2007

Entschleunigte Musik, zeitgenössische Ambient-Musik

02. KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF- both eyes tight shut
beide v.A. „Jinx“, Staubgold/D´07; Hausmusik/Indigo
03. 3/4 HAD BEEN ELIMINATED- widower
v.A. “A year of the aural gauge operation”, Häpna/SWE´05; A-Musik
04. XELA- linseed
05. XELA- never going home
beide v.A. „The dead sea“, Type/UK´06; Hausmusik

06. GREG HAINES- snow airport
v.A. “Slumber tides”, Miasmah/NOR´07; Hausmusik
v.A. “Daydreaming”, Miasmah/NOR´07; Hausmusik
08. STARS OF THE LID- humectez la mouture
09. STARS OF THE LID- even (out) +
beide v.A. „...and their refinement of the decline“, Kranky/USA´07; Cargo
10. MACHINEFABRIEK- kreukeltape
11. MACHINEFABRIEK- somerset
12. MACHINEFABRIEK- j´espere ca
alle v.A. “Marijn”, Lampse/Zypern`06; Hausmusik

13. BEN FROST- we love you Michael Gira
14. BEN FROST- coda
beide v.A. “Theory of machines”, Bedroom Community/ISL´07; Hausmusik
15. HAUSCHKA- Paddington
16. HAUSCHKA- zahnlücke
beide v.A. „Room to expand“, FatCat/UK´07; Rough Trade
17. THE FOR CARNATION- grace beneath the pines
19. THE FOR CARNATION- preparing to receive you
alle v.A. “Promised works”, Touch+Go/USA´07; Soulfood





Sendung vom 13. Juli 2007

01. MICE PARADE- the last ten homes
02. MICE PARADE- tales of las negras
03. MICE PARADE- sneaky red
alle v..A. “Mice Parade”, Fat Cat/UK´07; Pias
04. SHELLAC- the end of radio
05. SHELLAC- elephant
beide v.A. “Excellent Italian greyhound”, Touch+Go/USA´07; Soulfood
06. PARTS+LABOR- long way down
v.A. “Mapmaker”, Jagjaguwar+Brah/USA´07; Cargo
07. SHELLAC- be prepared
siehe 05.
08. PARTS+LABOR- fractured skies
09. PARTS+LABOR- brighter days
siehe 06.
10. KINSKI- cyrbaby blowout
11. KINSKI- passwords & alcohol
beide v.A. „Down below it´s chaos”, Sub Pop/USA´07; Cargo
12. PISSED JEANS- secret admirer
13. PISSED JEANS- caught licking leather
beide v.A. „Hope for men“, Sub Pop/USA´07; Cargo
14. THE CHINESE STARS- bored with this planet
15. THE CHINESE STARS- left brain
beide v.A. „Listen to your left brain“, Three.One.G/USA´07; Cargo
16. TIMES NEW VIKING- imagine dead john lennon
17. TIMES NEW VIKING- slay atlantis
18. TIMES NEW VIKING- teenagelust!
19. TIMES NEW VIKING- we got rocket
20. TIMES NEW VIKING- love your daughters
no.18 v.A. “Dig yourself”, Siltbreeze/USA´05; US-Import
alle anderen v.A. „TNV present the paisley reich“, Siltbreeze/USA´07; US-Import
21. HANDSOME FURS- what we had
22. HANDSOME FURS- in the radio´s hot sun
beide v.A. „Plague park“, Sub Pop/USA´07; Cargo
23. LIGHTNING DUST- listened on
24. LIGHTNING DUST- heaven
beide v.A. “s/t”; Jagjaguwar/USA´07; Cargo
25. MATT ELLIOTT- our weight in oil
26. MATT ELLIOTT- gone
27. MATT ELLIOTT- planting seeds
alle v.A. “Failing songs”, Ici D´ailleurs/F´07 ; Cargo





Sendung vom 15. Juni 2007
mit Reiner Bös u. den Gästen
Martin S. u. Peter K.

Unterlegmusik: GRAILS- burning off impurities (Temp.Residence; Cargo)
01. GRAILS- silk rd
02. GRAILS- soft temple
beide v.A. “Burning off impurities”, Temp.Residence/USA´07; Cargo
v.A. “Wisdom thunderbolt”, VHF/USA´07; A-Musik
04. BATTLES- atlas
05. BATTLES- race: out
beide v.A. “Mirrored”, Warp/UK´07; Rough Trade
06. PANDA BEAR- take pills
07. PANDA BEAR- bros
beide v.A. „Person pitch“, Paw Tracks/USA´07; Cargo
08. FRIDGE- the sun
09. FRIDGE- lost time
beide v.A. “The sun”, Domino/UK´07; Rough Trade
10. MINUS STORY- in line
11. MINUS STORY- Aaron
12. MINUS STORY- stitch me up
alle v.A. “My ion truss”, Jagjaguwar/USA´07; Cargo
13. DOLOREAN- you can´t win
v.A. “You can´t win”, Yep Rec/USA´07; Cargo
14. DAVID VANDERVELDE- feet of a liar (Daytrotter sessions)
v. CDEP “Nothin no”, Secretly Canadian/USA´07; Cargo
15. JESU- old year
16. JESU- transfigure
beide v.A. “Conqueror”, Hydra Head/USA´07; Indigo
17. BORIS + MICHIO KURIHARA- starship narrator
v.A. “Rainbow”, Drag City/USA´07; Rough Trade
30.06.07 ÜBEN im Bett, Frankfurt;
mit Martin u. Peter als DJs





Sendung vom 06. April 2007
mit Reiner Bös u. Gastkommentator Martin

Unterlegmusik: ELUVIUM- „copia“ Album (Temp.Residence; Cargo)
01. SYBARITE- cut out shape
02. SYBARITEE- runaway
beide v.A. „Cut out shape“, Temporary Residence/USA´06; Cargo
03. COCOROSIE- werewolf
04. COCOROSIE- raphael
beide v.A. „The adventures fo ghosthorse and stillborn“, Touch+Go/USA´07; Soulfood
05. LOW- murderer
v.A. „Drums+Guns“, Sub Pop/USA´07; Cargo

06. SCRAPS OF TAPE- pickpockets vow ** live am 12.04.07-Frankfurt/Clubkeller
07. SCRAPS OF TAPE- death as it should be
beide v.A. „This is a copy is this a copy“, TenderVersion/SWE´07; Hausmusik
08. ALEX DELIVERY- komad
09. ALEX DELIVERY- milan
beide v.A. „Star destroyer“, Jagjaguwar/USA´07; Cargo
10. ALEC K. REDFEARN+THE EYESORES- simian fanfare *** live am 15.04.07- Darmstadt/Oetinger Villa
11. ALEC K. REDFEARN+THE EYESORES- the night is rained glass...
beide v.A. „The quiet room“, Cuneiform/USA´05; Fenn Music Service

12. THE ORPHANS- darlene
13. BOGART&THE ADDICTIVES- cold girl part one
wg. beiden Bands siehe www.myspace.com/newglamunderground live am 14.04.07-Frankfurt/Nachtleben
14. PTERODACTYL- safe like a train
15. PTERODACTYL- three succeed
beide v.A. „s/t, Brah/USA´07; Cargo

16. MARNIE STERN- grapefruit
17. MARNIE STERN- put all your eggs in one basket...
18. MARNIE STERN- every single line means something
alle v.A. „In advance of the broken arm“, Killrockstars/USA´07; Cargo
19. GRINDERMAN- no pussy blues
20. GRINDERMAN- go tell the women
beide v.A. „s/t“; Mute/UK´07; EMI
21. GITHEAD- drop
22. GITHEAD- drive by
beide v.A. „Art pop“, Swim/UK´07; Cargo




Sendung vom 16. März 2007

MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album „Obrigado Saudade“
01. DO MAKE SAY THINK- bound to be that way
02. DO MAKE SAY THINK- herstory of glory
beide v.A. „You, you´re history in rust“, Constellation/USA´07; Alive
03. EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY- the birth and death of the day
04. EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY- the birth and death of the day (JESU Remix)
05. EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY- catastrophe and the cure
06. EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY- catastrophe and the cure (FOUR TET Remix)
alle v.A. „And suddenly i miss everyone“, Bella Union/UK´07; Rough Trade
07. ELUVIUM- reciting the airships
08. ELUVIUM- ostinato
beide v.A. „Copia“, Temporary Residence/USA´07; Cargo
09. MOUNTAINS- sewn 2
10. MOUNTAINS- bay
beide v.A. „Sewn“, Apestaartje/USA´06; A-Musik
11. LIBRARY TAPES- feelings for something lost part one
12. LIBRARY TAPES- lines running low through 7th
beide v.A. „Feelings for something lost“, Resonant/UK´06; Hausmusik
13. AMUTE- why do i run seasons so fast
14. AMUTE- the floating boat
beide v.A. „The seahorselimbo“, Intr-version/CAN´06; Cargo
15. LOW- belarus
16. LOW- breaker
beide v.A. „Drums and guns“, Sub Pop/USA´07; Cargo
18. DAVID KARSTEN DANIELS- jesus and the devil
beide v.A. „Sharp teeth“, Fatcat/UK´07; Rough Trade
19. MENOMENA- muscle ´n flo
20. MENOMENA- the pelican
beide v.A. „Friend and foe“, Barsuk/USA´07; US-Import
21. DEERHOOF- the galaxist
22. DEERHOOF- the perfect me
23. DEERHOOF- matchbook seeks maniac
alle v.A. „Friend opportunity“, Tomlab/D´07; Hausmusik/Indigo
24. TITAN- annals of the former work
v.A. „A raining sun of light&love, for you&you&you“, Tee Pee/USA´07; Cargo





Sendung vom 02. Februar 2007
MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album „Obrigado Saudade“

01. PHELAN SHEPPARD- weaving song
02. PHELAN SHEPPARD- water clock
beide v.A. „Harps old master“, Leaf Label/UK´06; Hausmusik-Vertrieb
03. BENOIT PIOULARD- palimend
04. BENOIT PIOULARD- needle & thread
alle v.A. „Precis“, Kranky/USA´06; Cargo
06. OWEN- bags of bones
07. OWEN- a bird in hand
08. OWEN- one of these days
alle v.A. „At home with owen“, Polyvinyl/USA´06; Cargo
09. ROB CROW- bam bam
10. ROB CROW- i hate you, rob crow
11. ROB CROW- up
alle v.A. „Living well“, Temporary Residence/USA´07; Cargo
12. JULIE DOIRON- don´t wanna be/liked by you
13. JULIE DOIRON- no more
beide v. A. „Woke myself up“, Jagjaguwar/USA´07; Cargo
14. THE BESNARD LAKES- disaster
15. THE BESNARD LAKES- and you lied to me
16. THE BESNARD LAKES- on bedford and grand
alle v.A. „The besnard lakes are the dark horse“, Jagjaguwar/USA´07; Cargo
17. ENTRANCE- pretty baby
v.A. „Prayer of death“, Tee Pee/USA´06; Cargo
18. DAVID VANDERVELDE- nothing no
v.A. „The moonstation house band“, Secretly Canadian/USA´07; Cargo
19. ALEXANDER TUCKER- you are many
v.A. „Furrowed brow“, ATP Recordings/UK´06; Rough Trade
20. GRAILS- stray dog
21. GRAILS- more erosion
22. GRAILS- black tar prophecy
alle v.A. „Black tar prophecies vol.`s 1, 2 & 3“, Important/UK´06





Sendung vom 05. Januar 2007
Wasteland-Spezial: Die Lieblingsplatten 2006
mit Reiner Bös u. den Gästen Klaus, Martin u. Peter

Unterlegmusik während der Sendung: BATTLES- EP C/B EP

Die Liebsten 3:
01. EARLY DAY MINERS- sans revival (Top 3 - Reiner)
v.A. „Offshore“, Secretly Canadian/USA´06; Cargo
02. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- black wall (Top 3 - Martin)
v.A. „Sun awakens“, Drag City/USA´06; Rough Trade
03. CHICAGO UNDERGROUND DUO- funeral of dreams (Top3 - Peter)
v.A. „In praise of shadows“, Thrill Jockey/USA´06; R.Trade
04. MISSION OF BURMA- spiders web (Top 3 - Klaus)
v.A. „The obliterati“, Matador/USA´06; R. Trade
05. JASON MOLINA- alone with the owl (Top 2 - Reiner)
v.A. „Let me go let me go let me go“, Secretly Canadian/USA ´06; Cargo
06. SUNNO))) VS BORIS- etna (Top 2 - Martin)
v.A. „Altar“, Southern Lord/USA´06; Soulfood
07. GLISSANDRO 70- bolan muppets (Top 2 - Peter)
v.A. „ s/t“; Constellation/CAN´06; Alive
08. JUCIFER- she tides the deep (Top 2 - Klaus)
v.A. „If thine enemy hunger“, Relapse/USA´06; SPV
09. THE DRONES- shark fin blues (Top 1 - Reiner)
v.A. „Wait long by the river...“, ATP/UK´05; R. Trade
10. CALIFONE- the orchids (Top 1 - Martin)
v.A. „Roots and crowns“, Thrill Jockey/USA´06; R. Trade
11. BORIS- farewell (Top 1 - Peter)
v.A. „Pink“; Southern Lord/USA´06; Soulfood
12. LIARS- it fit when i was a kid (Top 1 - Klaus)
v.A. „Drum´s not dead“, Mute/UK´06; EMI

Ausgewählte Lieblingslieder:
13. THE FIERY FURNACES- i´m in no mood (von Klaus)
v.A. „Bitter tea“, Rough Trade/UK´06; R.Trade
14. THE CURTAINS- go lucky (von Reiner)
v.A. „Calamity“, Asthmatic Kitty/USA´06; Cargo
15. BENOIT PIOULARD- together and down (von Martin)
v.A. „Precis“, Kranky/USA´06; Cargo
16. JOHN FAHEY- juana (von Peter)
v.A. „Sea changes & coelacanths“, Table Of The Elements/USA´06; Cargo

Mottosong für 2007:
17. BÄRCHEN UND DIE MILCHBUBIES- ich will nicht älter werden
v.A. „Dann macht es bumm“, No Fun/D 1981

Die Listen:
Martins Lieblingsplatten:
01. CALIFONE- roots and crowns (Thrill Jockey; Rough Trade)
02. SUNNO))) VS BORIS- altar (Southern Lord; Soulfood)
03. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- sun awakens (Drag City; R.Trade)
04. ONEIDA- happy new year (Jagjaguwar; Cargo)
05. BORIS- pink (S. Lord; R.Trade)
06. JACKIE O´MOTHERFUCKER- flags of the secret harps (ATP; R. Trade)
07. ALEXANDER TUCKER- furrowed bow (ATP)
08. THE DRONES- gala mill (ATP)
09. CHARALAMBIDES- vintage burden (Kranky; Cargo)
10. VOLCANO THE BEAR- classic erasmus fusion (Beta-Lactam; A-Musik)
01. BORIS- pink (S.Lord)
02. GLISSANDRO 70- s/t (Constellation; Alive)
03. CHICAGO UNDERGROUND DUO- in praise of shadows (Thrill Jockey)
04. YO LA TENGO- i am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass (Matador; Cargo)
05. LOSCIL- plume (Kranky; Cargo)
06. DANIELSON- ships (Secretly Canadian; Cargo)
07. THE CURTAINS- calamity (Asthmatic Kitty; Cargo)
08. ALVA NOTO- for (12K/Line; A-Musik)
09. SONIC YOUTH- rather ripped (Geffen)
10. WOODEN WAND AND THE SKY HIGH BAND- second attention (Kill Rockstars; Cargo)
01. LIARS- drum´s not dead (Mute)
02. JUCIFER- if thine enemy hunger (Relapse)
03. MISSION OF BURMA- the obliterati (Matador)
04. HOME- sexteen (Brah)
05. MIA DOI TODD- la ninja (Plug Research)
06. PAN AMERICAN- for waiting for chasing (Mosz)
01. LIKE A STUNTMAN- stan places ((Highpoint Lowlife/Records&Me)
07. NINA NASTASIA- on leaving (Fatcat)
08. THE FIERY FURNACES- bitter tea (Rough Trade)
09. TE´- if that is what is being thought... (Status Quo Audio)
10. P.G.SIX- music from the sherman box series and other works (Amish)
11. SICKOAKES- seawards (Type)
12. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- sun awakens (Drag City)
13. MC CLUSKY- mcluskysim (Too Pure)
14. KING CREOSOTE- Kc rules ok (Fence)
01. THE DRONES- wait long by the river... (ATP/UK´05; Rough Trade)
02. JASON MOLINA- let me go let me go let me go (S.Canadian/USA´06; Cargo)
03. EARLY DAY MINERS- offshore (S.Canadian/USA´06; Cargo)
04. GRIZZLY BEAR- yellow house (Warp/UK´06; Rough Trade)
05. MISSION OF BURMA- the obliterati (Matador/USA`06; Rough Trade)
06. XIU XIU- the air force (Kill Rockstars/USA´06; Cargo)
07. JOANNA NEWSOM- ys (Drag City/USA´06; R. Trade)
08. DANIELSON- ships (S.Canadian/USA´06; Cargo)
09. PARTS + LABOR- stay afraid (Jagjaguwar/USA´06; Cargo)
10. VOLCANO THE BEAR- classic erasmus fusion (Beta-Lectam Ring/USA´06; A-Musik)
11. ONEIDA- happy new year (Jagjaguwar/USA´06; Cargo)
12. MOUNTAINS- sewn (Apeestaartje/USA´06; A-Musik)
13. LIKE A STUNTMAN- stan places (Highpoint Lowlife/Records&Me UK/D´06; Pias)
14. SIBYLLE BAIER- colour green (Orange Twin/Isota/USA´06; Cargo)
15. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- sun awakens (Drag City/USA´06; R.Trade)
16. BATTLES- EP C/B EP (Warp/UK´06; R.Trade)
17. BORIS- pink (Southern Lord/USA´06; Soulfood)
18. AKRON/FAMILY- meek warrior (Young God/USA´06; Cargo)
19. DAMIEN JURADO- and now that i´m in your shadow (S.Canadian/USA´06; Cargo)
20. XELA- the deep sea (Type/UK´06; Hausmusik)


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