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      Sendung vom 10. Dezember 2004

Block 1
01. BEEF TERMINAL- your revolution
v.A. "The isolationist", Noise Factory/CAN´04; Cargo
02. aMUTE- weight of time, relief
v.A. "A hundred try trees", Intr.version/CAN´04; Cargo
03. BLUE DRESSED MAN- down feeling
v.A. "Anatomy of drunkness", www.bedroomrecordings.tk
04. PAN AMERICAN- lights on water
v.A. "Quiet city", Kranky/US´04; Hausmusik
05. C.KID- about your masterplan
v.CDEP "Keep guessing", www.starvingbuthappy.tk
06. FENNESZ- transit
v.A. "Venice", Touch/UK´04; www.touchmusic.org.uk

Block 2
v.A. "List of lights and buoys", Rune Grammophon/NOR´04; Ecm
08. COCOROSIE- by your side
v.A. "La maison de mon rêve", Touch+Go/USA´04; Cargo
09. DEVENDRA BANHART- we all know
v.A. "Nino Rojo", XL Recordings/UK´04; Indigo
10. VETIVER- farther on
v.A. "s/t", Di Christina/USA´04; Cargo
11. IRON+WINE- communion cups and someone´s cat
v. CDSingle "Passing afternoon", Sub Pop/USA´04; Cargo
12. IRON+WINE- naked as we came
v.A. "Our endless numbered days", Sub Pop/USA´04; Cargo
13. WHITE MAGIC- plain gold ring
v.Minialbum "Through the sun door", Drag City/USA´04; Rough Trade
14. VASHTI BUNYAN- diamond day
v.A. "Just another diamond day", UK´70, Rerelease auf Spinney/UK 2000; www.anotherday.co.uk
15. JULIE DOIRON- dirty feet
v.A. "Goodnight nobody", Jagjaguwar/USA´04; Cargo
16. VOLLMAR- daisy´s out of line
v.A. "13 or so people who need chances", Blue Sanct/USA´04; Cargo
17. SUFJAN STEVENS- to be alone with you
v.A. "Seven swans", Sounds Familyre/USA´04, Cargo

Block 3
18. SUN KIL MOON- carry me ohio
v.A. "Ghosts of the great highway", Jet Set/USA´04; Rough Trade
19. MINUS STORY- open your eyes
v.A. "The captain is dead...", Jagjaguwar/USA´04; Cargo
20. ARCADE FIRE- neighborhood #4
v.A. "Funeral", Merge/USA´04; Cargo...???
21. THE GUN CLUB- my man´s gone now
v.A. "The Las Vegas Story", USA´84, Rerelease auf Sympathy f.t.R.I./USA´04; Cargo
22. WINDSOR FOR THE DERBY- a spring like sixty
v.A. " We fight til death", Secretly Canadian/USA´04; Cargo
23. PINBACK- fortress
v.A. "Summer in Abaddon", Touch+Go/USA´04; Cargo

Block 4
24. ELUVIUM- nepenthe
v.A. "An accidental memory in the case of death", Temporary Residence/USA´04; Cargo
v.A. "Alkuhärkä", Fonal/FIN´04; www.fonal.com
26. LUC FERRARI- numéro quatro, ronda spain june 2001
v.A. "Les anecdotiques", Sub Rosa/BEL´04; www.subrosa.net
27. ES- sadepäivät
v.A. "Kaikkeuden kauneus ja käsittämättömyys", Fonal/FIN´04; www.fonal.com
28. DEAN ROBERTS- smash the palace and what nerves you´ve got
v.A. "Be mine tonight", Kranky/USA´03; Hausmusik
29. BARK PSYCHOSIS- burning the city
v.A. "Codename: Dustsucker", Fire Records/USA´04; US-Import
30. PIANO MAGIC- the unwritten law
v.A. "The troubled sleep of Piano Magic", Green Ufos/SPA´03; www.greenufos.co





Sendung vom 03. Dezember 2004

01. TEXTILE RANCH- the dream of the murderer´s ship pulling out
v.A. "Bird heart in wool", Very Friendly/UK´04; Cargo
2. JULIE DOIRON- snowfalls in november
03. JULIE DOIRON- last night
beide v.A. "Goodnight nobody", Jagjaguwar/USA´04; Cargo
04. TEXTILE RANCH- nightmares of the deer
siehe 01.
05. NAGISA NI TE- the same as a flower
06. NAGISA NI TE- river
beide v.A. "The same as a flower", Jagjaguwar/USA´04; Cargo
07. ARIEL PINK HAUNTED GRAFFITI 2 – for kate i wait
08. ARIEL PINK HAUNTED GRAFFITI 2- envelopes another day
beide v.A. "The doldrums", Paw Tracks/USA´04; Cargo
10. NOURALLAH BROTHERS- someone to love
11. NOURALLAH BROTHERS- i´ll be around
v. DCD "Nourallah Brothers", Western Vinyl/USA´04; Cargo
12. THE ANOMOANON- down and brown
v.A. Joyi", Temporary Residence/USA´04; Cargo
13. WILLIAM LAZARUS- this american dream
v.A. "Like trees we grow up to be satellites", Temp.Residence/USA´04; Cargo
14. TARENTEL- hello! we move through weather
15. TARENTEL- bump past, cut pu through windows
beide v.A. "We move through weather", Temp.Residence/USA´04; Cargo
16. BY THE END OF TONIGHT- delirious, where have you been?
17. BY THE END OF TONIGHT- video games buried in the desert
von der CDEP "The fireworks on ice ep", Temp. Residence/USA´04; Cargo
18. THE JE NE SAIS QUOI- we make beginnings
19. THE JE NE SAIS QUOI- the real future blues
beide v.A. "We make beginnings", Coalition/USA´04; www.greenhell.de
20. HOT SNAKES- kreative kontrol
21. HOT SNAKES- audit in progress
22. HOT SNAKES- hair and dann
alle v.A. "Audit in progress", Swami/USA´04; Cargo
23. ILSE LAU- slow dazzle ***
v.A. "De Tinnen Mannen", Fidel Bastro/D´04; Broken Silence
24. SWEARING AT MOTORISTS- the real thing ****
25. SWEARING AT MOTORISTS- collecting skylines
26. SWEARING AT MOTORISTS- out of nowhere
alle v.A. "This flag signals goodbye", Secretly Canadian/US´02; Cargo
***live am 10.12.04 im Hafen 2, Offenbach, zusammen mit BLURT
****live am 13.12.04 im Hafen 2, Offenbach





Sendung vom 05. November 2004

01. BEEF TERMINAL- daydreams of wasted time
02. BEEF TERMINAL- january sun
beide v.A. "The isolationist", Noisefactory/CAN´04; Cargo
beide v.A. "Ventill/poki", Resonant/UK´04; A-Musik
05. DATURA- lovelight*
06. SEIDENMATT- die 3. und 6.fläche*
v.A. "wasserluft", Sinnbus Records/D´03; Transport
07. BEEF TERMINAL- nervosa
siehe 02.
alle v.A. "Young prayer", Paw Tracks/USA´04; Cargo
11. GLENN JONES- friday nights with
12. GLENN JONES- this is the wind...
beide v.A. "This is the wind...", Strange Attractors/USA´04; A-Musik
13. JACK ROSE- blessed be the name of the lord
v.A. "Raag manifestos", VHF/USA´04; A-Musik
14. JOHN FAHEY- on the sunny side of the ocean
v.A. "The best of...", Takoma/Ace Records/UK´02; Sony
15. N.LANNON- the catch**
16. N.LANNON- i freak you out
beide v.A. "Chemical friends", Badman Rec./USA´04; Cargo
17. CHRIS BROKAW- my confidante**
live im Clubkeller, Frankfurt 2002
18. CHRIS BROKAW- my confidante
von der EP "My confidante + 3", 12XU/UK´04; Rough Trade
19. RED ANIMAL WAR- satellites***
v.A. "Polizida", Iceplanet Records/USA´04;
21. THE PINK MOUNTAINTOPS- bad boogie ballin
22. ´THE PINK MOUNTAINTOPS- i (fuck) mountains
alle v.A. "s/t", Jagjaguwar/USA´04; Cargo
23. AMANDA ROGERS- love in our eyes****
v.A. "Daily news", 2nd Records/D´04; Hausmusik
24. THE NEW YEAR- one plus one minus one...*****
v.A. "Newness ends", Touch+Go/USA´01; Cargo
25. MACHA/BEDHEAD- believe*****
v. Minialbum "Macha loved Bedhead", Jetset/USA´00; Rough Trade
* live am 17.11.04, Antagon Halle, Frankfurt mit Disco Volante u. September Malevolence
** live am 13.11.04, Moschée, Offenbach
*** live am 24.11.04, White Ape, Rodgau-Niederroden mit The New Trust
**** live am 30.11.04, Moschée, Offenbach
****** live am 09.11.04, Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt





Sendung vom 29. Oktober 2004

01. THE FALL- garden
v.A. "Perverted by language", Line Records/D´1983
Tribute an den in dieser Woche verstorbenen John Peel
MI AMANTE RECORDS – Labelportrait mit O-Tönen vom
Labelbetreiber Thomas Weber
v.A. "Greyskysmile", Mi Amante/D´03; im Vertrieb von Cargo Records
03. COBOLT- the iceberg
v.A. "Passoa", Mi Amante/D´03; Cargo
v.A. "27:36+2 Dot", Mi Amante/D´03+´04; Cargo
05. COBOLT- last minute trip
siehe 03.
06. ROB+THE PINHOLE STARS- and again
siehe 02.
07. COACH- good morning sun***
v.A. "Kill ´em all", Mi Amante/D´04; Cargo
08. HOMAGE TO CATALONIA- dear rockville
v.A. "Squandered by a jury of piss poor pokerfaces", Mi Amante/D´03; Cargo
siehe 04.
mehr unter www.mi-amante.de
10. PINBACK- non photo-blue
11. PINBACK- soaked
beide v.A. "Summer in abaddon", Touch+Go/USA´04; Cargo
12. Q AND NOT YOU- wonderful people
v.A. "Power", Dischord/USA´04; Southern
13. STEREO 21- free drinks****
14. STEREO 21- the high attitude song
beide www.stereo21.com
siehe 12.
16. THE NEW YEAR- plan b*****
v.A "The end is near", Touch+Go/USA´04; Cargo
17. BEDHEAD- more than ever
v.A. "Transaction de novo", Trance Syndicate/USA´98
18. BEDHEAD- disorder
v.A. "s/t", Trance Syndicate/USA´94
19. THE NEW YEAR- chinese handcuffs
siehe 16.
20. BERG SANS NIPPLE- a free...******
v.A. "Form of...", Prohibited/F´03, Cargo
*** COACH live am 11.11.04, Ostparkstrasse 25, Frankfurt
**** STEREO 21 live am 03.11.04, Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt
***** THE NEW YEAR live am 09.11.04, Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt;
letztes Boesland-Konzert !!!
******BERG SANS NIPPLE live am 04.11.04, Hafen 2, Offenbach





Sendung vom 08. Oktober 2004
Singer/Songwriter – 60ies/70ies vs. heute
mit Reiner Bös u. Gast Andreas Ehrengar

01. DEVENDRA BANHART- wake up little sparrow
beide v.A. "Nino Rojo", XL Recordings/UK´04; Indigo
03. LINDA PERHACS- chimacum come again
v.A. "Parallelograms" Ace of Discs 1970/2003
04. WHITE MAGIC- one-note
v. Minialbum "Through the sun door", Drag City/USA´04; Rough Trade
05. COSMIC MICHAEL- now that i found it
v.A. "s/t", Bliss Records 1969 06. VOLLMAR- a widow
v.A. "13 people or so who need chances", Blue Sanct/USA´04; Cargo
07. VASHTI BUNYAN- i´d like to walk around in your mind
v.A. "Just another diamond day", Spinney Records 1970/2000
v.A. "List of lights and buoys", Rune Grammofon/NOR´04; Ecm
09. PETER GRUDZIEN- white trash hillbilly trick
v.A. "The unicorn", Parrallel World Records 1974/1995
v.A. "May you always live with laughter", Ritchie/Flight 13/D´04; Cargo
11. CHRIS LUCEY- girl from vernon mountain
v.A. "Songs of protest and antiprotest", Surrey Records 196?
12. SHEARWATER- whipping boy
v.A. "Winged life", Fargo/F´04; Rough Trade
13. GARY HIGGINS- i pick notes from the sky
v.A. "Red hash", Flash 65 1973/1988
14. KÜNNECKE+SMUKAL- could be detroit***
v.A. "s/t", Sunday Service/D´02; Hausmusik
15. CAPE- taste****
v.A. "Frigo", Fantom Records/D´03
16. TREND- gott hat keine Flugzeuge****
von der gleichnamigen 7", Plastic Bomb/D´04; Cargo
17. TREND- mehr Rockelemente
siehe www.trend-die-dienstleistung.de
18. ALEXANDER SPENCE- books of moses
v.A. "Oar", Demon Records 1969/2001
19. SIMON JOYNER- blue
v.A. "Lost with the lights on", Jagjaguwar/USA´04; Cargo
20. WENDY+BONNIE- story of a conventional man
v.A. "Genesis", Sundazed 1969/2001
21. TARA JANE O´NEILL- famous yellow belly
v.A. "You sound, reflect", Quarterstick Records/USA´04; Cargo
22. JAKE HOLMES- dazed and confused
v.A. "The above ground sound of...", It´s About Music, www.itsaboutmusic.com 1967/200?
23. NYLES LANNON- fortune cookie*****
v.A. "Chemical friends", Badman Rec./USA´04; Cargo
24. BILLY FAY- jack laughter+mademoiselle sigh
v.A. "From the bottom of an old grandfather clock, Wooden Hill ????/2003
***live am 15.10.04 in Darmstadt, 603qm
**** live am 09.10.04 in Offenbach, Moschée
***** live am 13.11.04 in Offenbach, Moschée, (+CHRIS BROKAW)




Sendung vom 10. September 2004

01. WINDSOR FOR THE DERBY- the melody of a fallen tree
02. WINDSOR FOR THE DERBY- nightingale
03. WINDSOR FOR THE DERBY- black coats
04. WINDSOR FOR THE DERBY- a spring like sixty
alle v.A. "We fight ´til death", Secretly Canadian/USA´04; Cargo Records Germany
05. HAVERGAL- ...
06. HAVERGAL- drowned men
v.A. "Elettricita", Secretly Canadian/USA´04; Cargo
07. MACHA- forget tomorrow
v. A. "Forget tomorrow", Jetset/USA´04; Rough Trade
08. JENS LEKMAN- you are the light
09. JENS LEKMAN- the cold swedish winter
10. JENS LEKMAN- psychogirl
11. JENS LEKMAN- tram #7 to heaven
alle v.A. "When i said i want to be your dog", Secretly Canadian/USA´04; Cargo
12. HOLLY GOLIGHTLY- in your head
13. HOLLY GOLIGHTLY- slowly but surely
beide v.A. "Slowly but surely", Damaged Goods/UK´04; Cargo
14. THE SHINS- fighting in a sack
v.A. "Chutes to narrow", Sub Pop/USA´04; Cargo
15. COMETS ON FIRE- pussyfootin´ the duke
16. COMETS ON FIRE- blue thomb
beide v.A. "Blue cathedral", Sub Pop/USA´04; Cargo
17. WOLF EYES- village oblivia
18. WOLF EYES- urine burn
19. WOLF EYES- rattlesnake shake
alle v.A. "Burned mind", Sub Pop/USA´04; Cargo
20. BLACK DICE- cloud pleaser
21. BLACK DICE- treetops
22. BLACK DICE- island
alle v.A. "Creature comforts", Fat Cat Records/UK´04; Hausmusik
von der Single "Who could win a rabbit", Fat Cat/UK´04; Hausmusik
24. THE MAE-SHI- power to the power
25. THE MAE-SHI- hieronymus bosch is a dead man
26. THE MAE-SHI- testify
alle v.A. "Terrorbird", 5 Rue Christine/USA´04; Cargo
v.A. "You sound, reflect", Quarterstick/USA´04; Cargo





Sendung vom 06. August 2004

01. PAN AMERICAN- before
02. PAN AMERICAN- wing
beide vom Album "Quiet city", Kranky/USA´04; Hausmusik-Vertrieb
03. STRATEGY- super final zen
v.A. "Drumsolo´s delight", Kranky/USA´04; Hausmusik
04. PAN AMERICAN- lights on water
siehe 02.
05. BILL WELLS/A.Whitehead/S.Schneider/B.Morgenstern- pick up sticks
vom Minialbum "Pick up sticks", Leaf/UK´04; Hausmusik
06. AROVANE- pink lillies
v.A. "Lillies", City Centre Offices/D+UK´04; Hausmusik
07. BILL WELLS etc.- a soldier´s shoulder
siehe 05.
08. SLOWBLOW- very slow bossanova
v.A. "s/t", Mobilé/D´04; Hausmusik
09. MOLASSES- sign of judgement
10. MOLASSES- you can´t win
beide v.A. "Trouble at Jinx Hotel", Alien8 Recordings/CAN´04; Cargo Records Germany
11. THE NEW YEAR- the end´s not near
12. THE NEW YEAR- chinese handcuffs
13. THE NEW YEAR- plan b
14. THE NEW YEAR- 18
alle v.A. "The end is near", Touch+Go/USA´04; Cargo
15. JOEL R.L.PHELPS THE DOWNER TRIO- what the sgt said
alle v.A. "Customs", 12XU/UK´04; Rough Trade Germany
18. DAVID GRUBBS- knight errant
v.A. "A guess at the riddle", FatCat/UK´04; Hausmusik
19. ROGUE WAVE- every moment
20. ROGUE WAVE- nourishment nation
beide v.A. "Out of the shadow", Sub Pop/USA´04; Cargo
21. BOYRACER- new plastic****
22. BOYRACER- a history of snakes
beide v. Minialbum "Check yr. fucking hi$tory", 555 Recordings of Flagstaff/USA´03
23. STEWARD- there is good when we try
24. STEWARD- backpedal
beide v.A. "Goodbye to everything you love", 555 Recordings of Leeds/UK´99, http://www.rawbw.com/~aelison/steward/
25. BOYRACER- present tense
von der 7" "present tense", 555 Recordings/Happy Go Lucky/USA´97, http://www.boyracer.plus.com/
26. n.LANNON- spy
v.A. "Chemical friends", Badman Rec./USA´04; Cargo
27. COCOROSIE- terrible angels
28. COCOROSIE- good friday
beide v.A. "La maison de mon reve", Touch+Go/USA´04; Cargo
****BOYRACER live am Di.31.08.04 im Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt





Sendung vom 02. Juli 2004

01. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE- winter´s love
02. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE- kids on holiday
04. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE- who could win a rabbit
05. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE- sweet road
06. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE- whaddit i done
alle vom Album "Sung tongs", Fat Cat Records/UK´04; Hausmusik
07. A HAWK AND A HACKSAW- at dusk
08. A HAWK AND A HACKSAW- quand le son devient aigu...
09. A HAWK AND A HACKSAW- to pine in time
10. A HAWK AND A HACKSAW- a kernel
alle vom unbetitelten Album, Leaf Records/UK´04; Hausmusik
11. JOANNA NEWSOM- peach, plum, pear
12. JOANNA NEWSOM- bridges and balloons
beide v.A. "The milk-eyed mender", Drag City/USA´04; Rough Trade
13. DEVENDRA BANHART- will is my friend
v.A. "Rejoicing in the hands", XL Recordings/UK´04; Indigo
14. MARC BOLAN- salamanda palaganda
v.A. "Marc- the words and music of Marc Bolan 1947-1977", Cube Records/D´78
15. BROTHER DANIELSON- things against stuff
16. BROTHER DANIELSON- cookin´mid-county
beide v.A. "Brother : son", Secretly Canadian/USA´04; Cargo Records Germany
17. THE BLITHE SONS- animals of the seashore
v.A. "Arm of the starfish", Family Vineyard/USA´04; Cargo
18. THE SILVER MOUNTAIN REVERIES- more action! less tears!
von der EP "Pretty little lightning paw", Constellation/CAN´04; Hausmusik
19. COMETS ON FIRE- return to heaven
v.A. "Field recordings from the sun", Sweet Nothing/UK´04; Cargo
20. S/T- don´t go!
v.A. "s/t", Klangbad/D´04; Hausmusik
Demo-CDR, www.ellen-klinghammer.de----live am 24.07.04 im Hof d. Isenburger Schlosses, Schlossstr.31, Offenbach
22. n.LANNON- the catch
23. n.LANNON- turn time around
24. n.LANNON- my last breath
25. n.LANNON- demons
alle v.A. "Chemical friends", Badman/USA´04; Cargo
26. JOEL RL PHELPS THE DOWNER TRIO- kelly grand forks
v.A. "Customs", 12XU/UK´04; Rough Trade





Sendung vom 25. Juni 2004
"New and weird" – ein Blick auf zeitgenössische psychedelische Folkmusic
mit Gast Cornelius H. und mit Reiner Bös

01. MOURNING CLOAK- honey mushrooms and the nature of darkness
02. MOURNING CLOAK- darkened day´s memory
beide v. Album "In dreams you see", Mindfield Records/USA´96
03. ROBBIE BASHO- song for the queen
v. Album "Venus in cancer", Blue Thumb/USA´70
v.A. "Intonomancy", Sound@one/USA´03
05. SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN- always correct
v.A. "The trickle-down theory of lord knows what", Eclipse/USA´03
v.A. "Varjesevjen tanssj", Lal lal lal/FIN´02
07. FIT+LIMO- this moment
von der Single "Play the Incredible String Band", Lollipop Shop/D´93
08. THE MAGIC CARPATHIANS- maszop (remix)
v.A. "Karpaty magiczne", Obuh Records/POL´01
09. GHOST- piper
v.A. "Hypnotic underworld", Drag City/USA´04; Rough Trade
10. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- close to the sky
alle v.A. "Compathia", Holy Mountain/USA´03; Grand Harbour-Vertrieb
13. JOANNA NEWSOM- the book of right-on
v.A. "The milk-eyed mender", Drag City/USA´04; Rough Trade
v.A. "Rejoicing in the hands", XL Recordings/UK´04; Indigo
15. CUL DE SAC- dust of butterflies
v.A. "Death of the sun", Strange Attractors Audio House/USA´03





Sendung vom 07. Mai 2004

01. DON METTERNICH- pipedreaming
02. ROD- all my love
03. XELA- this moment will last a lifetime
alle von der Compilation "Cottage Industries 3", Neo Ouija/UK´04; Hausmusik-Vertrieb
04. IGLOO- found
v.Album "s/t", Bubblecore/Afterhours USA/JAP´03, Hausmusik
05. MÙM- weeping rock, rock
v.A. "Summer make good", Fat Cat/UK´04; Hausmusik/Indigo
06. THE REMOTE VIEWER- let´s do not much about it!
07. THE REMOTE VIEWER- the gambler and the captain
08. THE REMOTE VIEWER- it occured to me. and went away
alle v. Minialbum "You´re going to love our...", CCO/D´+UK´04; Hausmusik/Indigo
09. MANYFINGERS- in a dead man´s shoes
10. MANYFINGERS- ballybane
beide v.A. "s/t", Moteer/UK´04; Hausmusik
v.A. "The isle", Staubgold/D´04; Hausmusik/Indigo
12. ENCRE- marbres
v.A. "Flux", Clapping Music/F´04; www.activesuspension.org
13. XIU XIU- brian the vampyre
v.A. "Fabulous muscles", Tomlab/D´04; Hausmusik/Indigo
14. THE BLOW- how naked we´re going to get?
15. THE BLOW- what tom said about girls
beide v.A. "The concussive caress", K Records/USA´04; Cargo Records
16. JASON ANDERSON- for kyle
v.A. "New England", K Records/USA´04; Cargo
17. OLD TIME RELIJUN- cold water
v.A. "Lost light", K Records/usa´04; Cargo
18. ICEWATER SCANDAL- oh shoot
v.A. "No handle", Social Registery/USA´04; Cargo
19. ATIVIN- the game
v.A. "Nightmute", Secretly Canadian/USA´04; Cargo
20. JASON MOLINA- spectral alphabet
v.A. "Pyramid electric co", Secretly Canadian/USA´04; Cargo
21. DEVENDRA BANHART- this is the way
22. DEVENDRA BANHART- asight to behold
beide v.A. "Rejoicing the hands", Young God/USA´04; US-Import
23. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE- leaf house
v.A. "Sung tongs", Fat Cat/UK´04; Hausmusik/Indigo





Sendung vom 30. April 2004

01. THE SPEAKING CANARIES- last side of town pt. 2
vom Album "Get out alive: the last type story", 12XU/UK´04; Rough Trade
02. SUN KIL MOON- carry me ohio
v.A. "Ghosts of the great highway", Jet Set Records/USA´04; Rough Trade
03. SUFJAN STEVENS- the dress looks nice on you
04. SUFJAN STEVENS- to be alone with you
beide v.A. "Seven swans", Rough Trade/UK´04; Rough Trade
05. SUFJAN STEVENS- all good narsayers...
06. SUFJAN STEVENS- for the widows in paradise...
beide v.A. "Greetings from michigan...", Asthmatic Kitty/Sounds Familyre/USA´03; Cargo
07. TIMESBOLD- bone song
v.A. "Eye eye", Glitterhouse/D´04; Indigo
08. BONNIE PRINCE BILLY- gulf shores
v.A. "...sings greatest palace music", Domino/UK´04; Rough Trade
09. TIMESBOLD- black eyed suzy
siehe 08.
10. MINUS STORY- won´t be fooled again
11. MINUS STORY- gravity pulls
12. MINUS STORY- joyless, joyless
alle v.A. "The captain is dead, let the...", Jagjaguwar/USA´04; Cargo
13. DEERHOOF- dog on the sidewalk
14. DEERHOOF- milk man
15. DEERHOOF- milking
alle v.A. "Milk man", ATP Recordings UK´04; Rough Trade
16. XIU XIU- crank heart
17. XIU XIU- i luv the valley oh!
18. XIU XIU- clowne towne
alle v.A. "Fabulous muscles", Tomlab/D`04; Hausmusik
19. CERBERUS SHOAL- train car nursery
20. CERBERUS SHOAL- a cloud no bigger than a man´s head
beide v.A. "Bastion of itchy preeves", North East Indie/USA´04; Cargo
21. JENS LEKMAN-black cab
von der CDEP "Maple leaves", Secretly Canadian/USA´04; Cargo
22. JENS LEKMAN- Jens Lekman´s farewell song to rocky denis
von der CDEP "Rocky Denis Ep", Secretly Canadian/USA´04; Cargo
23. JASON MOLINA- song of the road
v.A. "Pyramid electric co", Secretly Canadian/USA´04; Cargo





Sendung vom 05. März 2004

01. LIARS- brocken witch
02. LIARS- we fenced our gardens with the bones of our own
03. LIARS- they don´t want your corn, they want your kids
alle vom Album "They were wrong, so we drowned", Mute/UK´04; EMI
04. SILVER APPLES- oscillations
v.A."Silver Apples", Kapp Records USA´68, hier von der CD "Silver Apples –
two records on one cd", D´94; wohl ein Bootleg mit den beiden Alben drauf
05. SIMEON- interview segment (2)
06. AMPOP- january
07. WORKHOUSE- strawberry
08. THE EXILE- a room with three windows
alle v. Compilation "Good Vibrations – Bedroom Ambience 4", Enraptured/UK´04; Cargo
09. CLEAR HORIZON- distortion song
10. CLEAR HORIZON- a child´s eyes
beide v.A. "s/t", Kranky/USA´03; Hausmusik
11. ISAN- birds over barges
v.A. "Meet next life", Morr Music/D´04; Hausmusik/Indigo
12. CLICKITS- audro
v. Maxi-Single "s/t", Moteer/UK´03; Hausmusik
13. DONATO WHARTON- built to fail
v.A. "Trabanten", City Centre Offices/D´04; Hausmusik
14. NITRADA- we don´t know why but we do it
15. NITRADA- fading away
beide v.A. "We don´t know why but we do it", 2.nd Rec/D´04; Hausmusik/Indigo
16. MOVIETONE- beach samba
17. MOVIETONE- near marconi´s hut
beide v.A. "The sand and the stars", Domino/UK´04; Rough Trade ***
18. ILSE LAU- schummelnone
v.A. "Tjeempie de.kat", Fidel Bastro/D´03; Efa ****
19. GENTLE VEINCUT- asshole
v. CD-R "Last of the atomic angels", D´03; www.gentle-veincut.de *****
20. GONE BALD- it takes guts to tango
v.A. "Soul vacation in rehab clinic", Interstellar Records/AUT´03; Conspiracy Records *****
21. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE- bat you´ll fly
v. DCD "Spirit they´re gone.../danse manatee", Fat Cat/UK´03; Hausmusik/Indigo ******
22. DIARIO- corridor
v.A. "Tempo", Velocity Sounds/D´02; www.velocitysounds.de *******
23. THE SPEAKING CANARIES- menopause diaries
v.A. "Get out alive: The last type story", 12XU/UK´03; Rough Trade
***14.03.04 live mit CRESCENT in der Oetinger Villa, Darmstadt
****13.03.04 ILSE LAU live mit LEX BARKER, Moschée, Offenbach
*****25.03.04 GENTLE VEINCUT u. GONE BALD live im Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt
******07.04.04 A.COLLECTIVE live im TAT, Frankfurt
*******10.04.04 DIARIO live u. Lesung von INA BRUCHLOS, Moschée, Offenbach





Sendung vom 13. Februar 2004
Gast Clemens Niedenthal vom Label Beau Rivage

--------Unterlegmusik fürs Interview: CLICKITS- "s/t", Moteer/UK´03; Hausmusik----------

01. HESSEN- sylvester
von der 7" "Reihenhausmusik # 5: Hessen", Hausmusik D´99; Hausmusik-Vertrieb
02. ANDI SCHOON- two frangrances
03. JAMES MERLE THOMAS- ballad of quecreek mine
04. INGWIO D´HESPEL- yeah the bull wants some fun
05. JULES ETIENNE- french journey
06. JOCHEN BRIESEN- poppy petal mask
alle von der Compilation "Turning dreams & shifting harbours", Beau Rivage**/Kraak D/BEL´04; Hausmusik-Vertrieb
10. U.S. MAPLE- my l´il shocker
vom Album "Purple on time", Ruminance/F´04; Cargo Records Germany
11. ONEIDA- capt. bo dignifies the allegations...***
12. ONEIDA- wild horses
beide v.A. "Secret wars", Rough Trade, UK´04; Rough Trade/Zomba
13. ONEIDA- tennessee
v. Minialbum "Steel Rod EP", Jagjaguwar/USA´00; Cargo
14. RAND&HOLLAND- everybody wants to go
v.A. "Tomorrow will be like today", Staubgold/D´04; Hausmusik
15- DYKO- ???
2.Song von der selbst veröffentlichten CD-R, www.dyko.de
16. AB DAFÜR- jaja wo geht’s lank peter pank schönen dank
von ihrer unbetitelten CD-R
17. TRIO- ja ja ja
v.A. "Trio", Mercury/D 1981
18. CAT ON FORM- action happening
v.A. "Strukture + fear", Southern/UK´03; Efa-Medien
19. COBOLT- the iceberg ****
v.A. "Passoa", Mi Amante/D´03; www.mi-amante.de
20. RODNEY GRAHAM- champagne for everyone
v.A. "Getting it together in the country", Kunstverein München, Oktagon Verlag Köln 2000
21. MONO- halo*****
v.A. "One step more and you die", ARRCO/RYKO US/UK´03; Zomba
** www.beaurivage.de
*** ONEIDA live am 02.03.04 im Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt
**** COBOLT live am 17.02.04 im Clubkeller, Frankfurt, www.mentalmaps.de
***** MONO live am 08.03.04 in der Oetinger Villa, Darmstadt, www.oetingervilla.de





Sendung vom 16. Januar 2004

01. MICE PARADE- mystery brethren
02. MICE PARADE- two, three, fall
03. MICE PARADE- milton road
04. MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world
alle vom Album "Obrigado saudade", Fat Cat/UK´04; Hausmusik
05. IMMENSE- 22 000
v.A. "Hidden between sleeves", Conspiracy/BEL´03; Import
06. BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE- stars and sons
07. BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE- almost crimes
08. BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE- kc accidental
alle v.A. "You forgot in people", Arts+Crafts/CAN´02 o. Mercury/UK´03;???
09. PIANO MAGIC- saint marie
10. PIANO MAGIC- i am the teacher´s son
beide v.A. "The troubled sleep of piano magic", Green UFOs/SPA´03; Import
12. DESERT CITY SOUNDTRACK- drawn and quatered
beide v.A. "Funeral car", Deep Elm/USA´04; Cargo Records Germany
13. RAPIDER THAN HORSEPOWER- cookie cone crossfire
14. RAPIDER THAN HORSEPOWER- the baddest i ever did see
beide v.A. "This is my big night", SA Records/USA´03; Cargo
15. THE FALL- green eyed loco-man
16. THE FALL- mountain energei
beide v.A. "The real new Fall LP...", Action Records/UK´03; Cargo
17. ONEIDA- ceasar´s column
17. ONEIDA- treasure plane
beide v.A. "Secret wars", Rough Trade/UK´04; Zomba
18. WHIP- one for fire
19. WHIP- perfect dive
beide v.A. "Atheist lovesongs to god", Zeal/BEL´03; Glitterhouse Mailorder only
20. fINN.- no slow-motion hype
v.A. "Expose yourself to lower education", Sunday Service/D´03; Hausmusik
21. PIANO MAGIC- the unwritten law
siehe 10.
22. WHIP- crows
siehe 19.
WHIP&fINN.--- am 01.02.04 live im Dreikönigskeller!!!
ONEIDA--------- am 02.03.04 live im Dreikönigskeller!!!





Sendung vom 02. Januar 2004
Wasteland-Jahresrückblick: Die besten Alben des Jahres
mit Reiner Bös und den Gästen Peter Kels, Christian Sprenger,
Klaus Richter u. Martin Schellhorn

Eröffnungstrack und Unterlegmusik während der Sendung vom
Kammerflimmer Kollektief´ Album "Cicadidae"

A) Die drittbesten Alben des Jahres:
01. BERG SANS NIPPLE- flapping
vom Album "Form of...", Prohibited Records/F; Import --- ausgewählt von Peter Kels
02. MOCKY- sweet music
vom A. "...in Mesopotamia", Gomma/D, PP Sales --- ausgewählt von Christian Sprenger
03. MY MORNING JACKET- masterplan
vom A. "It still moves", Ato Rec./BMG --- ausgewählt von Klaus Richter
04. DIRT BOMBS- stuck in thee garage
v.A. "Dangerous magical noise", In The Red/USA, Cargo Records --- ausg. v. M. Schellhorn
05. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE- instant dressing table
v.A. "Here comes the indian", Paw Tracks/USA, Hausmusik --- ausg. v. Reiner Bös

B) Die zweitbesten Alben des Jahres:
06. DEERHOOF- l´amour stories
v.A. "Apple O´", Kill Rock Stars/USA, Cargo Records --- Peter Kels
07. BED- the silent bees
v.A. "Spacebox", Labels, EMI --- Christian Sprenger
08. MATT ELLIOTT- forty days
v.A. "The mess we made", Domino/UK, Zomba --- Klaus Richter
09. CUL DE SAC- dust of butterflies
v.A. "Death of the sun", Strange Attractors/USA, Import --- Martin Schellhorn
10. THE BOOKS- the lemon of pink
v.A. "The lemon of pink", Tomlab/D, Hausmusik --- Reiner Bös

C) Die besten Alben des Jahres:
11. PLURAMON- noise academy
v.A. "Dreams Top Rock", Karaoke Kalk/D, Hausmusik+Indigo --- Peter Kels
12. SUN- reach for the sky
v.A. "s/t", Staubgold/D, Hausmusik --- Christian Sprenger
v.Splitalbum "The vim and vigour of Alvarius B and Cerebus Shoal", North East Indie/USA, Cargo Records ---Klaus Richter
14. THE FALL- contraflow
v.A. "The real new Fall LP...", Action Records/UK, Cargo Records --- Martin Schellhorn
15. EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY- the only moment we were alone
v.A. "The earth is not a dead cold place", Bella Union/UK, Zomba --- Reiner Bös

Die Top 10-Alben des Jahres von:
Peter Kels
01. PLURAMON – "Dreams top rock”, Karaoke Kalk/D, Hausmusik+Indigo
02. DEERHOOF – "Apple o’ ", Kill Rock Stars/USA, Cargo Records
03. BERG SANS NIPPLE – "Form of...” Prohibited Records/F, Import
04. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE – "Spirit they’ve gone, spirit they’ve vanished”, Fat Cat/UK, Hausmusik+Indigo
05. CALIFONE – Quicksand/cradlesnakes, Thrill Jockey/USA, EFA-Medien
06. OKKERVIL RIVER – "Down the river of golden dreams”, Jagjaguwar/USA, Cargo
07. DO MAKE SAY THINK – "Winter hymns, country hymns, secret hymns”, Constellation/CAN, Hausmusik
08. JAN JELINEK avec the Exposures – "La nouvelle pauvreté”, Scape/D, Hausmusik
09. FRANKIE SPARO – Welcome crummy mystics”, Constellation/CAN, Hausmusik
10. CORKER/CONBOY – "In the light that learnt later”, Vertical Form/UK, Hausmusik

Christian Sprenger
01. SUN - " Sun", Staubgold/D, Hausmusik+Indigo
02. BED - "Spacebox", Labels/EMI
03. MOCKY - "In Mesoptamia", Gomma/D, PP Sales
04. Diverse - "Feedback To The Future", Mobilé/D, Hausmusik+Indigo
05. TIM HECKER - "Presents Ratio amor", Mille Plateaux/D, EFA-Medien
06. KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF - "Cicadidae", Staubgold/D, Hausmusik+Indigo
07. THE RAPTURE - "Echoes", Universal
08. MUGISON - "Lonely Mountain", Vital, Zomba
09. SONGS:OHIA - "The Electric Magnolia Co", Secretly Canadian/USA, Cargo
10. www.thinnerism.com (Netlabel)

Klaus Richter
01.01 ALVARIUS B AND CERBERUS SHOAL – "The vim and vigor of ...”, North East
Indie/USA, Cargo Records
02 MATT ELLIOTT – "The mess we made”, Domino/UK, Zomba
03 MY MORNING JACKET - "It still moves” Ato/BMG
04 FOUR TET – "Rounds”, Domino/UK, Zomba
05 BANHART, DEVENDRA - "Oh me oh my...”, Young God/USA, Grand Harbour
06 BARDO POND – "On the ellipse”, ATP/UK, Zomba
07 THE DEAD C – "The damned”, Starlight Furniture/USA, Import
08 BONNIE PRINCE BILLY – "Master and everyone”, Domino/UK, Zomba
09 CERBERUS SHOAL – "Chaiming the knoblessone”, North East Indie/USA, Cargo
10 JACKIE O`MOTHERFUCKER – "Magick Fire Musik / Wow ", ATP/UK, Zomba

Martin Schellhorn
01. THE FALL- "The real new Fall LP...", Action Records/UK, Cargo Records –Vertrieb
02. CUL DE SAC- "Death of the sun", Strange Attractors/USA, Import
03. DIRT BOMBS- "Dangerous magical noise", In The Red/USA, Cargo Records
04. U.S. MAPLE- "Purple on time", Ruminance/F, Cargo Records
05. THE AMERICAN ANALOG SET- "Promise of love", Labels/EMI
06. EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY- "The earth is not a dead cold place", Bella Union/UK, Zomba
07. HIM- "Many in high places are not well", Fat Cat/UK, Hausmusik+Indigo
08. CRESCENT- "By the roads and fields", Fat Cat/UK, Hausmusik+Indigo
09. NEIL MICHAEL HAGGERTY- "...and the Howling Hex", Drag City/USA, Import
10. ERASE ERRATA-" At chrystal palace", Blast First/UK, Indigo

Reiner Bös
01. EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY - "The earth is not a dead cold place", Bella Union/UK, Zomba
02. THE BOOKS – "The lemon of pink", Tomlab/D, Hausmusik+Indigo
03. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE- "Here comes the indian", Paw Tracks/USA, Hausmusik
04. KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF- "Cicadidae", Staubgold/D, Hausmusik+Indigo
05. FOUR TET – "Rounds", Domino/UK, Zomba
06. DEERHOOF - "Apple O´", Kill Rock Stars/USA, Cargo
07. CEREBUS SHOAL – "Chaiming the knobblesone", North East Indie/USA, Cargo
08. JACKIE O`MOTHERFUCKER – "Magick Fire Music/Wow", ATP/UK, Zomba
09. THE AMERICAN ANALOG SET- "Promise of love", Labels/EMI
10. JORMA WHITTAKER- s/t, Secretly Canadian/USA, Cargo


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