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      Sendung vom 05. Dezember 2003

vom Album "This is our punk-rock", Constellation/CAN´03; Efa-Medien-Vertrieb
* 02. POLMO POLPO- farewell
v.A. "Like hearts swelling", Constellation/CAN´03; Efa-Medien u. Hausmusik
* 03. DO MAKE SAY THINK- ontario plates
v.A. "Winter hymn country hymn secret hymn", Constellation/CA´03; Efa-Medien u. Hausmusik
* 04. BERG SANS NIPPLE- croon
* 05. BERG SANS NIPPLE- dilate rhythm
beide v.A. "Form of...", Prohibited Records/FR´03; Import
* 06. MICE PARADE- focus on the rollercoaster
v.A. "Obrigado Saudade", Fat Cat Records/UK´04; Hausmusik/Indigo
* 07. HOWARD HELLO- my friend
* 08. HOWARD HELLO- the parasite
beide v.A. "Don´t drink his blood", Temporary Residence/US´03; Cargo Records Germany
* 09. MATMOS- jealous order of candied knights
v.A. " The civil war", Matador Records/US´03; Zomba
* 10. YOUNG PEOPLE- el paso
* 11. YOUNG PEOPLE- tammy faye
* 12. YOUNG PEOPLE- night of the hunter
alle drei v.A. "War prayers", Dim Mak/USA´03; US-Import
* 13. MANISHEVITZ- mary ann
* 14. MANISHEVITZ- beretta
* 15. MANISHEVITZ- city life
alle v. A. "City life", Jagjaguwar/US´03; Cargo *********
* 16. n.ln- that spun my head
v.A. "Astronomy for children", Highpoint Lowlife/US´03; www.highpointlowlife.com ***********
* 17. KLAUS PAUL QUINTET- the way we talk
v.A. "Beautiful ground", Naiv hören+sehen/D´03; Zomba
* 18. KINSKI- rhode island freakout
* 19. KINSKI- schedule for using pillows and beanbags
Beide v. A. "Airs above your station"; Sub Pop/US´03; Cargo
********* live am 13.12.03 in der Kolpinghalle, Offenbach/Main



Sendung vom 14. November 2003

* 01. EMAK BAKIA- frecuencias de un rojo devastador
* 02. EMAK BAKIA- revelación en clave
beide vom Album "Frecuencias de un rojo devastador", Acuarela/SPA´03; Zomba
* 03. PIANO MAGIC- speed the road, rush the lights
von der gleichnamigen CDEP, Green UFOs/SPA´03; Import
* 04. PLURAMON- noise academy
vom Album "Dreams Top Rock", Karaoke Kalk/D´03; Hausmusik
* 05. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE- april and the phantom
von der DoCD "Spirit.../Danse manatee"; Fat Cat/UK´03; Hausmusik
* 06. THE BOOKS- the lemon of pink
v. gleichnamigen Album, Tomlab/D´03; Hausmusik
* 07. RACHEL´S- wouldn´t live anywhere else
* 08. RACHEL´S- last things last
beide v.A. "Systems/Layers", Quarterstick/USA´03; EFA-Medien
* 09. THE BOOKS- s is for eversing
* 10. THE BOOKS- explanation mark
* 11. THE BOOKS- there is no there
siehe 06.
* 12. EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY- the only moment we were alone
* 13. EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY- memorial
beide v.A. "The earth is not a cold, dead place", Bella Union/UK´03; zomba
* 14. SCOUT NIBLETT- texas
* 15. SCOUT NIBLETT- drummer boy
beide v.A. "I am", Too Pure, UK´03; Zomba
* 16. DEERHOOF- dummy discards a heart
* 17. DEERHOOF- flower
* 18. DEERHOOF- pand panda panda
alle v.A. "Apple o´", Kill Rock Stars/USA´03; Cargo-!! live am 02.12.03, Dreikönigskeller!!
* 19. YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS- music for evenings
v.A. "Collossal youth", Rough Trade/UK 1980
* 20. VAZ- song nr.4
v.A. "Dying to meet you", X-Mist/D´03-live am 22.11.03 im Exzess, Frankfurt
* 21. ERASE ERRATA- ease on over
* 22. ERASE ERRATA- the white horse is bucking
beide v.A. "At crystal palace", Blast First/Mute UK´03
* 23. KINSKI- semaphore
v.A. "Airs above your station", Sub Pop/USA´03; Cargo-live am 08.12.03 im DKK!!!



Sendung vom 10. Oktober 2003

* 01. BUDDY & THE HUDDLE- is there anybody out there?
* 02. BUDDY & THE HUDDLE- covered with hill snails
* 03. BUDDY & THE HUDDLE- strike funny
* 04. BUDDY & THE HUDDLE- free at last
alle vom Album "Monument For John Kaltenbrunner", Glitterhouse/D´03;
!!! live im Dreikönigskeller am So.26.10.03 !!!
* 05. JULLANDER- interiors
* 06. JULLANDER- martin luther verliert die geduld
beide v.A. "Interiors", Beau Rivage/Sunday Service D´03; Hausmusik-Vertrieb
* 07. finn.- sight-and night-seeing information
v.A. "Expose Yourself To Lower Education", Sunday Service/D´03; Hausmusik
* 08. ROB & THE PINHOLE STARS- your way
v.A. "Greyskysmile", Mi Amante Records/D´03; www.mi-amante.de
* 09. HERMAN DÜNE- the speed of a star
* 10. HERMAN DÜNE- little architect
beide v.A. "Switzerland Heritage", Normal Records/D´03; Indigo
!!!live im Dreikönigskeller am Do.30.03.03 (mit Julie Doiron) !!!
* 11. JULIE DOIRON- dance music
* 12. JULIE DOIRON- elevator show
* 13. JULIE DOIRON- crumble
alle v.A. "Broken Girl", Jagjaguwar/US´03; Cargo Records Germany-Vertrieb
!!! live im Dreikönigskeller am Do.30.10.03 (mit Herman Düne) !!!
* 14. KEPLER- the steel and the stone
* 15. KEPLER- i´m a parade
beide v.A. "Missionless Days", Resonant/UK´02; Hausmusik
* 16. KEPLER- the changing light at sandover
v.A. "Fuck Fight Fail", Resonant/UK´01; Hausmusik
* 17. DODGE DURANGO- sleeping
* 18. DODGE DURANGO- something about nothing/arizona
beide v.A. "Midnight At The Greedy Fingers Bank", www.dodge-durango.de
* 19. JANIS ELKO- not the most graceful
* 20. JANIS ELKO- autopilot (live im Radio X Studio!!!)
beide siehe www.brutusbitme.com
* 21. ERIKA SIMONIAN- dancer in the dark
noch unveröffentlicht, siehe www.erikasimonian.com
* 22. DODGE DURANGO- slowrider
siehe 18.



Sendung vom 03. Oktober 2003

beide von der EP "Hearts And Tanks", Shingle Street/UK´03; Cargo-Records-Vertrieb
* 03. CINDY DALL- extreme cold
vom Album "Sound Restores Young Men", Drag City/US´02; Cargo
* 04. MIKE TURNER- moth 3
v.A. "Moth", Drag City/US´02; Grand Harbour-Vertrieb
* 05. CINDY DALL- the party
siehe 03.
* 06. MIKE TURNER- moth 6
siehe 04.
* 07. PAPA M- i am the light
von der CD Single "One", Drag City/US´03; US-Import
* 08. PAPA M- mary was the kind
von der CD Single "Two", Drag City/US´03; US-Import
* 09. SUN- reach for the sky
* 10. SUN- reach for the sky – Pluramon Remix
* 11. SUN- sleepin´
alle vom Doppelalbum "Sun", Staubgold/D´03; Hausmusik/Indigo-Vertrieb
* 12. DEVENDRA BANHART- the charles c. leary
* 13. DEVENDRA BANHART- michigan state
* 14. DEVENDRA BANHART- nice people
alle vom Album "Oh Me Oh My...", Young God Records/USA´02; Grand Harbour
* 15. DEVENDRA BANHART- long song
vom Minialbum "The Black Babies (UK)", Young God Records/US´03; Grand Harbour
* 16. ANGELS OF LIGHT- palisades
v.A. "Everything is good here/please come home", Young God/US´03; Grand Harbour
* 17. CERBERUS SHOAL- sole foot of man
* 18. CERBERUS SHOAL- ouch: sinti, roma, zigeuner; the names of gypsy
beide v.A. "Chaiming The Knobblesone", North East Indie/US´03; Cargo
* 19. SIN ROPAS- hands inside
* 19. SIN ROPAS- floorboards
beide v.A. "Trickboxes On The Ponyline", Sad Robot/US´03; US-Import
* 20.KEPLER- dogs and madmen
v.A. "Missionless Days", Resonant/UK´03; Hausmusik ---live am 11.10.03, Offenbach-Moschée, Ludwigstr.4-6



Sendung vom 12. September 2003

* 01. CERBERUS SHOAL- a paranoid home companion (intermission)
vom Album "Chaiming The Knobblessone", North East Indie/USA´03; Cargo Records-Vertrieb
* 02. JOHNNY CASH- delia´s gone
v.A. "American Recordings", American Recordings´94
* 03. JOHNNY CASH- i see a darkness
v.A. "American III: solitary man, Columbia´00
* 04. COLLEEN- good morning sunshine
* 05. DAVID BALULA& DOMOTIC- pur glace
* 06. DAVID BALULA- pour une flague
alle von der Compilation "Active Suspension vs Clapping Music", Active Suspension/F´02; ???
* 07. DOMOTIC- smith kline
* 08. DOMOTIC- consilium_industri.
beide v.A. "Bye, Bye", Active Suspension/F´02;???
* 09. ENCRE- trouves-en un autre
* 10. ENCRE- une nuit a ciel ouvert
beide v.A. "s/t", Active Suspension/Clapping Music/F´02;???
* 11. CHRIST- dianoes nouveau
v.A. "Metamorphic Reproduction Miracle LP", Benbecula/UK´03; Hausmusik
* 12. THE RIP OFF ARTIST- this is static (just static)
v.A. "Pet Sounds", Vertical Form/UK´03; Hausmusikk
* 13. OPERATOR- frühstück
* 14. OPERATOR- i need money bad
v.A. "Welcome to the wonderful world", Cargo Records Germany/D´03; Cargo Records
* 15. THE BLACK-EYED SNAKES- rise up!
* 16. THE BLACK-EYED SNAKES- cornbread
beide v.A. "Rise Up!", Chairkickers´ Music/USA´03; Cargo
* 17. JET- cold hard bitch
von der EP "Dirty Sweet", Elektra´03
* 18. DRUNK HORSE- national lust
v.A. "Adult Situations", Sweet Nothing/UK´03; Cargo
* 19. THE HIGH STRUNG- the world´s smallest violin
v.A. "These are good times", Tee Pee Records/USA´03; Cargo
* 20. SLIPSTREAM- everything and anything
v.A. "Transcendental", Enraptured Records/UK´03; Cargo
* 21. SALOON- vesuvius
v.A. "If we meet in the future", Track&Field/UK´03; Cargo
* 22. FERN KNIGHT- wolf ii
v.A. "Seven Years Of Severed Limbs", Normal/D´03; Indigo
* 23. OKKERVIL RIVER- it ends with a fall----------------------------live im Dreikönigskeller am 28.09.03
* 24. OKKERVIL RIVER- the velocity of sault...
* 25. OKKERVIL RIVER- seas too far to reach
alle v.A. "Down The River Of Golden Dreams", Jagjaguwar/USA´03; Cargo



Sendung vom 01. August 2003

* 01. GIARDINI DI MIRO- the swimming season
* 02. GIARDINI DI MIRO- once again a fond farewell
beide vom Album "Punk...Not Diet", 2nd Records/D; Hausmusik/Indigo-Vertrieb
* 03. YUPPIE FLU- drained by diamonds
v.A. "Days Before The Day", Homesleep/IT´03; Cargo-Vertrieb
* 04. TRUMANS WATER- say hi to the lie machine
* 05. TRUMANS WATER- pony dress
beide v.A. "You Are In The Line Of Fire And...", Homesleep/IT´03; Cargo
* 06. CLEM SNIDE- tuesday oct.24th
* 07. CLEM SNIDE- find love
beide v.A. "Soft Spot", Fargo/FR´03; Zomba
* 08. BARDO POND- every man
* 09. BARDO POND- jd
beide v.A. "On The Ellipse", All Tomorrow´s Parties/UK´03; Zomba
* 10. JORMA WHITTAKER- favorite
v.A. "s/t", Secretly Canadian/US´03; Cargo
* 11. MARMOSET- artmaker
v.A. "Record In Red", Secretly Canadian/US´01; Cargo
* 12. JORMA WHITTAKER- walk/throw
siehe 10.
* 13. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE- infant dressing table
v.A. "Here Comes The Indian", Paw Tracks/US´03; Hausmusik
* 14. THE NOTWIST- lichter
von der gleichnamigen EP, Alien Transistor/D´03; Hausmusik/Indigo
* 15. TUJIKO NORIKO- narita made
* 16. TUJIKO NORIKO- rocket hanabi
beide v.A. "From Tokyo To Naiagara", Tomlab/D´03; Hausmusik
* 17. COLLEEN- everyone alive wants answers
* 18. COLLEEN- ritournelle
beide v.A. "Everyone Alive...", Leaf/UK´03; Hausmusik
* 19. FERN KNIGHT- chelyabinsk
v.A. "Seven Years Of Severed Limbs", Normal Records/D´03; Indigo
* 20. THE EYESORES- 1000 yard stare
v.A. "Bent At The Waiste", Handsome Records/US´02; US-Import
* 21. FERN KNIGHT- wolf i
siehe 19.-------------------- am So.14.09.03 live im Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt



Sendung vom 04. Juli 2003

* 01. THE AMERICAN ANALOG SET- continuous hit music
vom Album "The Promise Of Love", Tigerstyle Records/USA´03 u. World Of Sound/UK´0315 Jahre Sub Pop-Special zum Labeljubiläum:
* 02. THE POSTAL SERVICE- the district sleeps alone tonight
03. THE POSTAL SERVICE- this place is a prison
* beide v.A. "Give Up", Sub Pop/USA´03; 02. auch auf dem Label Sampler "Infecting One Planet At A Time", Sub Pop/USA´03
* 04. HOLOPAW- cinders
v. Sampler "Infecting One Planet..." u. auch auf dem Debutalbum "Holopaw", Sub Pop/USA´03
* 05. IRON+WINE- southern anthem
v.Sampler "Infecting One Planet..." u. v.A. "The Creek Drank The Cradle", beide Sub Pop/USA´03
* 06. FRUIT BATS- rainbow sign
v.Sampler "Infecting One Planet..." u. v.A. "Mouthfulls", beide Sub Pop/USA´03
* 07. THE SHINS- past and pending
v. Sampler "Infecting One Planet..." u. v.A. "Oh, Inverted World, Sub Pop/USA´03 u. USA´01
* 08. HOT HOT HEAT- get in or get out
v.Sampler "Infecting One Planet..." u. v.A. "Make up The Breakdown", Sub Pop/USA´03
* 09. THE THERMALS- no culture icons
v.Sampler "Infecting One Planet..." u. v.A. "More Parts Per Million", Sub Pop/USA´03
* 10. THE MURDER CITY DEVILS- 18 wheels
* 11. THE MURDER CITY DEVILS- boom swagger boom
beide v.A. "R.I.P. 1996-2001", Sub Pop/USA´03
* 12. PLEASURE FOREVER- white mare
v.A. "Alter", Sub Pop/USA´03
- alle Subpop-Veröffentlichungen werden von Cargo Records Germany vertrieben -
* 13. THE ORANGES BAND- finns for our feet
* 14. THE ORANGES BAND- all that money
beide v.A. "All Around", Lookout Records/USA´03; im Cargo-Vertrieb
* 15. THE AMERICAN ANALOG SET- fool around
* 16. THE AMERICAN ANALOG SET- modern drummer
siehe 01.
* 17. CRESCENT- spring
* 18. CRESCENT- new leaves
beide v.A. "By The Roads And The Fields", Fat Cat Records/UK´03; Hausmusik-V.
* 19. MANITOBA- hendrix with ko
* 20. MANITOBA- cherrybomb
beide von der CDSingle "Hendrix With Ko", Leaf Label/UK´03; Hausmusik/Indigo
* 21. CEX- cex at arm´s length
v.A. "Being Ridden", Temporary Residence/USA´03; Cargo-V.
* 22. LAZARUS- poets the liars
* 23. LAZARUS- hero
beide v.A. "Songs For An Unborn Sun", Temporary Residence/USA´03; Cargo-V.



Sendung vom 20. Juni 2003

* 01. SLOW MOE- don´t let them breathe
vom Album "s/t", Involve Records/NZ´03; Hausmusik-Vertrieb
v.A. "Modern", Carpark/US´03; Hausmusik
* 03. TAKEO TOYAMA- hello birds
v.A. "Hello 88", Karaoke Kalk/D´03; Hausmusik
* 04. NAGISA NI TE- speed of the fish
v.A. "Feel", Jagjaguwar/US´02; Cargo Records Germany
siehe 02.
* 06. CLUE TO CALO- this dies over distance
v.A. "Come Here When You Sleepwalk", Leaf/UK´03; Hausmusik
* 07. RAFAEL TORAL-my head on your shoulders feels like home
* 08. RAFAEL TORAL- little stars
beide v.A. "Electric Babyland/Lullabies", Tomlab/D´03; Hausmusik
* 09. STYROFOAM- the long wait
v.A. "I´m What´s There To Show That Something´s Missing", Morrmusic/D´03; Hausmusik/Indigo
* 10. THE MOUNTAIN GOATS- snow crush killing song
v.A. "Sweden", Shrimper/US´95; Import
* 11. STYROFOAM- snow crush killing song
von der "A Heart Without A Mind EP", Morrmusic/D´03; Hausmusik/Indigo
* 12. SMYGLYSSNA- foaming prairie (sixtoo remix)
v.A. "We Can Fix It Remixes", Vertical Form/UK´03; Hausmusik
* 13. PREFUSE 73- one word extinguisher
vom gleichnamigen Album, Warp/UK´03; Zomba
* 14. BLOND- alle möglichen Leute begrüssen
v.A. " "To Do", Echokammer/D´03; Hausmusik
* 15. JAGA JAZZIST- kitty wú
* 16. JAGA JAZZIST- day
beide v.A. "The Stix", Ninja Tune/UK´03; Zomba
* 17. ECHO IS YOUR LOVE- useless spells u-s-e-l-e-s-s
* 18. ECHO IS YOUR LOVE- it swallows everything
beide v.A. "8 Hours", If Society/DK´02; Import. Konzert am 02.07.03 – Clubkeller, Frankfurt
* 19. CALIFONE- slowertwin
v.A. "Quicksand/Rattlesnakes", Thrill Jockey/US`03; Efa-Medien
* 20. SIN ROPAS- hands inside
21. SIN ROPAS- butter on cane
beide v.A. "Trickboxes On The Pony Line", Sad Robot Records/US´03; Import. www.sinropas.com
* 22. CASIOTONE FOR THE PAINFULLY ALONE- a normal suburban lifestyle...
v.A. "Answering Machine Music", Tomlab/D´02; Hausmusik. Livekonzert im Rahmen des Plattenbau-Abends am 03.07.03 im Rotari, Offenbach
* 23. FERN KNIGHT- kingdom
v.A. "Seven Years Of Severed Limbs", Normal Records/US´03; Indigo
* 24. THE AMERICAN ANALOG SET- hard to find
v.A. "The Promise Of Love", Tigerstyle Records/US als Import o. Wall Of Sound/UK´03, Virgin Labels


Sendung vom 02. Mai 2003
'Experimental Indiemusic' mit Reiner Bös u. Gast Klaus Richter

* 01. KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF- neumond inselhin
vom Album "Cicadidae", erschienen bei Staubgold/ D 2003; im Hausmusik-Vertrieb
* 02. FOURTET- as serious as your life
* 03. FOURTET- my angel rocks back and forth
beide v.A. "Rounds", Domino/UK´03; Zomba-V.
* 04. KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF- eiderdaunen (gerupft)
siehe 01.
* 05. SUPERSILENT- track 4
v.A. " 6 " , Rune Gramophon/NOR´03; ECM-V.
* 06. JACKIE O`MOTHERFUCKER- every day
v.A. "Change", Textile Records/F´03; Cargo
* 07. ALVARIUS B & CERBERUS SHOAL- ding (Alvarius B. version)
* 08. ALVARIUS B & CERBERUS SHOAL- ding (Cerberus Shoal version)
beide von der Splitalbum "The Vim and Vigour of Alvarius B and Cerberus Shoal", North East India/Stella White/USA´02; US-Import; www.cerberusshoal.com
* 09. RICHARD YOUNGS- halifax amore
v.A. "Airs of the ear", Jagjaguwar/USA´03; Cargo
* 10. KAWABATA MAKOTO- i´m in your inner most
v.A. "I´m in your inner most", Ochre/UK´02; Cargo u. Hausmusik
* 11. ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE- loved and confused
v.A. "Electric Heavyland", Alien 8 Recordings/CAN´03; Hausmusik
* 12. ONEIDA- all arounder -------------------!!!-Livekonzert am 25.05.03 im Dreikönigskeller!!!
* 13. ONEIDA- rose and licorice
* 14. ONEIDA- still rememberin´hiding in the stones
v.A. "Anthem of the moon", Jagjaguwar/USA´01; Cargo
* 15. TED SIROTA`S REBEL SOULS- geronimo´s free --!!! Livekonzert als Trio am 18.05.03 im Dreikönigskeller!!!
* 16. TED SIROTA`S REBEL SOULS- la dense de janvier
beide v.A. "Propaganda", Naim/UK´98; erhältlich bei www.tedsirota.com
* 17. THE DEAD C- i love this
v.A. "DR503", Flying Nun/NZ´88; Rarität; 1999 als CD mit Bonustracks von Fl.Nun reissued; siehe auch www.nzmusic.com


Sendung vom 18. April 2003

* 01. THE POLYPHONIC SPREE- song no.1
* 02. THE POLYPHONIC SPREE- song no.3
beide vom Album "The beginning stages of...", Good Records/USA´01; Import
* 03. LENOLA- eternal
* 04. LENOLA- just as it appears
beide v.A. "sharks & flames", Homesleep/IT´03; Cargo-Records-Germany
* 05. LENOLA- kennel district
* 06. BARDO POND- home
07. FUCK- heaven is a truck
* 08. FUTURE PILOT AKA VS. COLDITZ- range life
alle von der Compilation "everything is ending here – a tribute to Pavement", Homesleep/IT´03; Cargo-Records
* 09. FARIS NOURALLAH- brogadiccio
v.A. "i love faris", Western Vinyl/USA´03; Cargo-Records
* 10. EARLY DAY MINERS- wheeling
* 11. EARLY DAY MINERS- new holland
beide v.A. "jefferson at rest", Secretly Canadian/USA´03; Cargo-Records
* 12. SONNA- frone taj
v.A. "smile and the world smiles with you", Temporary Residence/USA´02; Cargo-Records
* 13. KINSKI- steve´s basement
* 14. KINSKI- semaphore
beide v.A. "airs above your station", Subpop/USA´03; Cargo-Records
* 15. THE THERMALS- brace and break
* 16. THE THERMALS- no culture icon
* 17. THE THERMALS- overgrown, overblown!
alle v.A. "more parts per million", Subpop/USA´03; Cargo-Records
* 18. THE DONNAS- take it off
von der CDsingle "take it off", Atlantic´03
* 19. WIRE- mr.marx´s table
* 20. WIRE- being watched
* 21. WIRE- spent
alle v. A. "Send", Pink Flag/ENG´03; Cargo-Records
* 22. FLIM- how i trashed my knees
* 23. FLIM- chime
beide v.A. "helio", Tomlab/D´03; Hausmusik
* 24. MANITOBA- every time she turns round it´s her birthday
v.A. "up in flames", Leaf/ENG´03; Hausmusik/Indigo


Sendung vom 07. März 2003

* 01. ISO 68- cosmic bones
vom Album "Here/There", Hausmusik/D´03; Hausmusik/Indigo
* 02. Migala- epilogo para acuarela
* 03. Encre- a live ode to hard drive chamber music
beide von der 3CDs-Compilation "Acuarela Songs 2", Acuarela/SPA´03; Zomba-Vertrieb
* 04. ISO 68- stoppages/est plus
siehe 01.
* 05. Languis- what we see
von der Compilation "45 seconds of...", Simball Records/USA´03; Westberlin-Medien-V.
* 06. Languis- touch a cloud
v.A. " Untied", Simball Records/USA´03; Westberlin-Medien-V.
* 07. Dntel- fence
siehe 05.
* 08. Languis- orange grove
siehe 06.
* 09. Hood- it´s not much to lose
siehe 05.
* 10. Manitoba- jacknuggeted
von der EP "Jacknuggeted", Leaf Records/ENG´03; Hausmusik
* 11. Solvent- 45 reasons to avoid people
siehe 05.
* 12. Manitoba- olé
siehe 10.
* 13. Simeon/Silver Apples- 5:30 every tues. & fri. morning
* 14. siehe 05.
* 15. Asa Chang&Junray- kaikyo
v. Minialbum "Tsu gi ne pu", Leaf Records/ENG´03; Hausmusik
* 16. Timesbold- sin(g)
* 17. Timesbold- it´s been a fine time...
beide v.A. "s/t", Glitterhouse/D´03; Indigo
* 18. Enon- old dominion
* 19. Enon- in this city
* 20. Enon- window display
alle v.A. "High Society", Touch+Go/USA´02; Efa-Medien-V.
* 21. Dodge Durango- i think i´m a mother
v.A. Sweet sounds of silliness", Eigenveröffentlichung D´01
* 22. La Sega Del Canto- berceuse
* 23. La Sega...- caravan
* 24. La Sega...- my way
alle v.A. "Das kekkonen", Tug Records/Humppa Records/D´02; Indigo
* 25. Paloma- actresses date actors
* 26. Paloma- half an enemy
beide v.A. "Actresses date actors", 62TV Records/BEL´02; Import
* 27. Blimey!- my friend called murder
v.A. "Less summer than some", Partners In Crime/HOLL´02; Import
* 28. Paloma- maginot
siehe 26.



Sendung vom 07. Februar 2003

* 01. L`ALTRA- blanco
von der Compilation éAcuarela Songs 2„, Acuarela/SPA´03; Zomba
* 02. SONGS:OHIA- i´m riding with the ghost
* 03. SONGS:OHIA- farewell transmission
beide v.A. éThe Magnolia Electric Co„, Secretly Canadian/USA´03; Cargo
* 04. BONNIE PRINCE BILLY- maundering
* 05. BONNIE PRINCE BILLY- ain´t you wealthy
beide v.A. éMaster And Everyone„, Domino/ENG´03; Zomba
* 06. TIMESBOLD- gin i win
v.A. és/t„, Glitterhouse/D´03; Indigo
* 07. CANYON- magnetic moon
v.A. éEmpty Rooms„, Gern Blandsten/USA´02; Cargo
* 08. BEACHWOOD SPARKS- ponce de leon blues
v. Minialbum éMake The Robot Cowboys Cry„, Rough Trade/ENG´02; Zomba
* 09. MIA DOI TODD- independence day
* 10. MIA DOI TODD- growing pains
beide v.A. éThe Golden State„, Sony´02
* 11. CAT POWER- free
* 12. CAT POWER- he war
beide v.A. éYou Are Free„, Matador Europe´03; Connected
* 13. SONGS:OHIA- peoria lunch box blues
siehe 03.
* 14. JIM&JENNIE AND THE PINETOPS- driving rain
* 16. JIM&JENNIE AND THE PINETOPS- mourning dove
alle v.A. éOne More In The Cabin„, Overcoat Recordings/USA´02
* 17. TRANSMISSIONARY SIX- flight school
v.A. éSpooked„, Filmguerrero/USA´03
* 18. CAT POWER- maybe not
siehe 12.
* 19. AMP- l´amour invisible
vom gleichnamigen Album, Space Age Recordings/ENG´02; Cargo u. Hausmusik
* 20. AMP- sunflower
v.A. éStenorette„, Kranky/US´98; Hausmusik
* 21. AMP- curious smile
siehe 19.
* 22. DEERHOFF- this magnificent bird will rise
* 23. DEERHOFF- punch buggy valves
beide v.A. éReveille„, Kill Rock Stars/USA´02
* 24. ACID APE- tetna shot
v.A. éFleshspa„, Lunasound Recording/SWE´02; Cargo
* 25. ONEIDA- no label
v.A. éEach One Teach One„, Jagjaguwar/USA´02; Cargo


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