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Sendung vom 08. Dezember 2006

MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album „Obrigado Saudade“
01. DANIELSON- ship the majestic suffix
v.A. „Ships“, Secretly Canadian/USA ´06; Cargo
02. DANIELSON FAMILE- what to wear
v.A. „A prayer for every hour“, Secretly Canadian/USA´02; Cargo
03. DANIELSON- time that bald sexton
siehe 01.
04. DANIELSON FAMILE- good news for the pus pickers
05. DANIELSON FAMILE- rallying the dominoes
06. DANIELSON FAMILE- sing to the singer
alle v.A. „Fetch the compass kids“; Secretly Canadian/USA´01; Cargo
07. BROTHER DANIELSON- perennial wine
v.A. „Brother : son“, Secretly Canadian/USA´04; Cargo
08. DANIELSON- kids pushing kids
siehe 01.
***DANIELSON live am 08.12.06 in der Oetinger Villa, Darmstadt***
09. JOANNA NEWSOM- emily
10. JOANNA NEWSOM- sawdust & diamonds
beide v.A. „Ys“, Drag City/USA´06; Rough Trade
11. WHITE MAGIC- childhood song
12. WHITE MAGIC- the light
13. WHITE MAGIC- katie cruel
alle v.A. „Dat rosa mel apibus“, Drag City/USA´06; Rough Trade
14. SWAN LAKE- all fires
15. SWAN LAKE- are you swimming in her pools?
beide v.A. „Beast moans“, Jagjaguwar/USA´06; Cargo
16. CALIFONE- the orchids
v.A. „Roots & crowns“; Thrill Jockey/USA´06; Rough Trade
17. JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ- hand on your heart
von der gleichnamigen Single, Peacefrog/UK´06; Rough Trade
18. THE DRONES- i´m here now
v.A. „Gala mill“, ATP Recordings/UK´06; Rough Trade
19. CATFISH HAVEN- let it go (got grow)
20. CATFISH HAVEN- i don´t worry
21. CATFISH HAVEN- tell me
alle v.A. „Tell me“, Secretly Canadian/USA´06; Cargo




Sendung vom 03. November 2006
Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös
und zu Gast die Band Like a Stuntman

MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album „Obrigado Saudade“
01. MANY FINGERS- for measured shores
02. MANY FINGERS- a remark
beide v.A. „Our worn shadow“; Acuarela/SPA´06; Rough Trade
03. GLISSANDRO 70- bolan muppets
04. GLISSANDRO 70- portugal rua rua
beide v.A. „s/t“; Constellation/USA´06; Alive
05. JUANA MOLINA- río seco
06. JUANA MOLINA- la verdad
beide v.A. „Son“, Domino/UK´06; Rough Trade
07. VETIVER- down at el rio
v.A. „Find me gone“; Fatcat/UK´06; Pias
08. SIBYLLE BAIER- tonight
09. SIBYLLE BAIER- driving
10. SIBYLLE BAIER- the end
alle v.A. „Colour green“; Orange Twin/Isota USA´06; Cargo
11. AZALIA SNAIL- alcazar
12. AZALIA SNAIL- scenescape
13. AZALIA SNAIL- sylvan echoes
alle v.A. „Avec amour“, www.trueclassicalcds.com USA´05
14. SWAN LAKE- a venue called rubella
v.A. „Beast moans“; Jagjaguwar/USA´06; Cargo
**** 20 - 21Uhr Live-Interview mit LIKE A STUNTMAN****
15. stan places
16. porsches on their way home
17. the slow lane
18. trash island
19. panama is where exclusive
20. hairy diamond breasts
alle von der CDEP/10“ „Stan places“; Highpoint Lowlife/Records&Me UK/D´06; Pias
Unterlegmusik während des Interviews:
Das Album von SWAN LAKE- „beast moans“; siehe 14.





Sendung vom 20. Oktober 2006
Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös und Gast Martin S.

MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album „Obrigado Saudade“
01. ELUVIUM- i will not forget that i have forgotten
v. CDEP „When i live by the garden and the sea“;
Temporary Residence/USA´06; Cargo
02. JESSICA BAILIFF- if we could
03. JESSICA BAILIFF- lakeside blues
beide v.A. „Feels like home“; Kranky/USA´06; Cargo
04. CAROLINE- bicycle
v.A. „Murmurs“; Temporary Residence/USA´06; Cargo
05. FRIDA HYVÖNEN- i drive my friend
06. FRIDA HYVÖNEN- once i was a serene teenage child
beide v.A. „Until death comes“, Secretly Canadian/USA´06; Cargo
07. DAMIEN JURADO- hoquiam
08. DAMIEN JURADO- i had no intentions
v.A. „And now that i´m in your shadow“; Secretly Canadian/USA´06; Cargo
09. DAMIEN JURADO- place to be
Nick Drake-Coverversion; free download auf www.pitchforkmedia.com
10. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO.- don´t fade on me
11. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO.- lonesome valley
beide v.A. „Fading trails“; Secretly Canadian/USA´06; Cargo
12. WOODEN WAND AND THE SKY HIGH BAND- mother midnight
beide v.A. „Second attention“; Kill Rockstars/USA´06; Cargo
14. SKYGREEN LEOPARDS- disciples of california
15. SKYGREEN LEOPARDS- places west of shawnapee
v.A. „Disciples of carlifornia“; Jagjaguwar/USA´06; Cargo
16. THE CURTAINS- tornado traveler´s fear
17. THE CURTAINS- green water
18. THE CURTAINS- wysteria
v.A. „Calamity“, Asthmatic Kitty/USA´06; Cargo
19. SPARKLEHORSE- ghost in the sky
v.A. „Dreamt for light years in the belly of a mountain“; Capitol´06
21. MISSION OF BURMA- is this where?
v.A. „The obliterati“; Matador/USA´06; Indigo
22. PERE UBU- babylonian warehouse
23. PERE UBU- flames over nebraska
v.A. „Why i hate women“; Glitterhouse/D´06; Indigo
24. MELVINS- a history of drunks
v.A. „A senile animal“, Ipecac/USA´06; Soulfood
25. FUO- laum***
***live am 22.10.06 im Dreikönigskeller/Frankfurt, zusammen mit Xrfahrflight





Sendung vom 29. September 2006
Neues aus dem Wasteland

MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album „Obrigado Saudade“
02. OUR BROTHER THE NATIVE- nautical spirits-welcome to the aquarium
beide v.A. „Tooth and claw“, Fatcat/UK´06; Rough Trade
03. GRIZZLY BEAR- colorado
04. GRIZZLY BEAR- central and remote
beide v.A. „Yellow house“, Warp/UK´06; Rough Trade
05. VOLCANO THE BEAR- did you ever feel like jesus?
06. VOLCANO THE BEAR- the last song of norway
beide v.A. „Classic erasmus fusion“, Beta-lactam Ring/USA´06; www.a-musik.com
07. CHARALAMBIDES- dormant lore
08. CHARALAMBIDES- there is no need
beide v.A. „ A vintage burden“, Kranky/USA´06; Cargo
09. XIU XIU- bishop, ca
10. XIU XIU- the pineapple vs the watermelon
beide v.A. „ The Air Force“, 5RueChristine/USA´06; Cargo
11. THE CURTAINS- go lucky
v.der 7“ „The Tomlab Alphabet Singles Series“; Tomlab/D´06; Hausmusik u.
v.A. „Calamity“, Asthmatic Kitty/USA´06; Cargo, erscheint im Okt.´06
12. ERASE ERRATA- cruising
v.A. „Nightlife“, Kill Rock Stars/USA´06; Cargo
13. SUPERSYSTEM- white light/white light
v.A. „A million microphones“; Touch+Go/USA´06; Soulfood
14. GENTLE VEINCUT- blockbuster
15. GENTLE VEINCUT- friendly neighborhood *****
beide v.Minialbum „Concrete landing“; www.gentle-veincut.de
16. LILAC- fountain love*****
18. AKRON/FAMILY- the rider (dolphin song)
19. AKRON/FAMILY- love and space
20. AKRON/FAMILY- gone beyond
alle drei v.A. „Meek warrior“, Young God/USA´06; Cargo
21. JASON MOLINA- it´s easier now
22. JASON MOLINA- everything should try again
23. JASON MOLINA- alone with the owl
alle v.A. „Let me go, let me go, let me go“; Secretly Canadian/USA´06; Cargo
*****GENTLE VEINCUTs Record Release Konzert am So. 01.10.06, Raumstation Rödelheim mit Special Guests YES, SIR, YES! aus Frankreich u. LILAC aus Tschechien





Sendung vom 22. September 2006
Wasteland-Special -Finnische Underground-Musik
mit Reiner Bös u. Gast Cornelius

MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album „Obrigado Saudade“
01. ES- sadepäivät
vom Album "Kaikkeuden kauneus ja...", Fonal/FIN´04
02. CIRCLE- Hytti
v.A. "Fraten"; METAMORPHOS META-011/FIN´97
03. EKTROVERDE- Orange
v.A. "Integral" CD, MIZMAZE MZ 007/IT '01
04. SHOGUN KUNITOKI- montezuma
v.A. "Tasankokaiku", Fonal/FIN´06
05. TIVOL- Viha, Kateus, Katkeruus Ja Muut Loistofiilikset
v.A. "Cyclobean Ways" CDR, TIME-LAG no number/USA '04
06. CIRCLE- Luikertelevat Lahoavat
v.A. "Forest" CD, EKTRO 028/FIN '04
07. KEMYALISÄT YSTEVÄT- (song 1- leider nicht lesbar)
1010/NZ '05
08. ISLAJA- laivat saapuu
v.A. "Palaa aurinkoon", Fonal/FIN´05
09. SALA-ARHIMO- muotoja taivaalla
v.A. "s/t", Last Visible Dog/USA´06; US-Import
10. ISLAJA- Kristallipallosilmät v.A. "Meritie" CD, FONAL FR-32/FIN '04
11. SALA-ARHIMO- talviunta
siehe 09.
12. LAU NAU- kuula
v.A. "Kuutarha", Locust/USA´05; Cargo
v.A. "River of Finland" LP, Eclipse/USA '03
14. PAAVOHARJU- valo tihkuu kaiken laapi
15. PAAVOHARJU- kuu lohovttaa...
16. PAAVOHARJU- puhuri
v.A."Yhä hämärää", Fonal/FIN´05
17. ES- harmonia, rakkautta
v.A. "Sateenkaarisuudelma", (K-RAA-K)_/BEL´06; A-Musik
18. AVARUS- Horuksen oikean silmän mysteerikoulu
v.A. "Posum Ekor Kait Dataran" 3" CDR, LAL LAL LAL #1/FIN '01
19. CLAY FIGURE- Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sub
v.A. "Eyes Of The Sun God", 267 LATTAJJAA LTJ-15/FI





Sendung vom 18. August 2006
Neues aus dem Wasteland

MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album „Obrigado Saudade“
01. ONEIDA- the misfit
02. ONEIDA- up with people
beide v.A. „Happy new year“, Jagjaguwar/Rough Trade US/UK´06; Rough Trade
03. THE BLACK ANGELS- young men dead
04. THE BLACK ANGELS- manipulation
beide v.A. „Passover“, Light In The Attic/US`06; Cargo
05. SERENA-MANEESH- drain cosmetics
v.A. „s/t“; Playlouder Recordings/UK´06; Indigo
06. MAJOR STARS- fake date
v.A. „Synoptikon“, Twisted Village/Important US/UK´06; Vinyl-/CD-Import
07. BARDO POND- destroying angel
08. BARDO POND- isle
beide v.A. „Ticket crystals“, ATP Recordings/UK ´06; Rough Trade
09. BORIS- pseudo-bread
10. BORIS- just abandoned my-self
beide v.A. „Pink“, Southern Lord/US´06; Soulfood
11. METALLIC FALCONS- airships
v.A. „Desert doughnuts“, VoodooEros/US´06; Cargo
12. ESPERS- dead queen
v.A. „Espers II“, Drag City/Wichita US/UK´06; Rough Trade
13. ESPERS- blue mountain
v.Minialbum „The weed tree“, Locust/US´05; Cargo
14. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- bless your blood
beide v.A. „The sun awakens“, Drag City/US´06; Rough Trade
16. CHAD VAN GAALEN- sing me to sleep
17. CHAD VAN GAALEN- mini tv´s
beide v.A. „Skelliconnection“, Sub Pop/USA´06; Cargo
18. EARLY DAY MINERS- sans revival
19. EARLY DAY MINERS- return of the native
20. EARLY DAY MINERS- silent tents
beide v.A. „Offshore“, Secretly Canadian/US`06; Cargo





Sendung vom 28. Juli 2006
Wasteland-Spezial: SYD BARRETT (01.1946-07.2006)
mit Reiner Bös u. Gast Andreas C.

MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album „Obrigado Saudade“
01. PINK FLOYD- astronomy domine
v.Album „The piper at the gates of dawn“, EMI/UK 1967
02. ARCHITECTURAL ABDABS- lucy leave (in blue tight)
es handelt sich dabei um ein niemals offiziell veröffentlichtes Studiodemo von Ende 1966
03. PINK FLOYD- arnold layne
1. Single, UK 1967
04. PINK FLOYD- see emily play
2.Single, UK 1967
05. PINK FLOYD- interstellar overdrive (mono version)
VÖ-Termin war 6.8.1967
*** Interview w/Roger Waters + Syd Barrett by Dr. Hans Keller
London, BBC Studios "look of the week", grenada tv "underground scene: special"***
06. PINK FLOYD- the scarecrow
siehe 01.
07. SYD BARRETT- terrapin
08. SYD BARRETT- no man´s land
beide v.A. „The madcap laughs“, EMI/UK 1970
09. SYD BARRETT- baby lemonade
v.A. „Barrett“, EMI/UK 1970
10. SYD BARRETT- let´s split
v.A. „Opel“ Compilation mit Outtakes u. unveröffentlichtem Material, EMI/UK 1988
11. SYD BARRETT- golden hair
siehe 08.
12. KEVIN AYERS (with SYD BARRETT)- singing a song in the morning
v.A. „Joy of a toy“, 2003 von EMI wiederveröffentlichtes Debutalbum von 1969 mit Bonustracks, darunter auch dieser mit SYD BARRETT
13. SYD BARRETT- wined and dined
siehe 10.
14. SYD BARRETT- rats
siehe 09.
15. SYD BARRETT- she took a long cold look
siehe 08.
16. SYD BARRETT- dolly rocker
siehe 10.
17. TRUE WEST- lucifer sam
v.A. „Hollywood holiday“, New Rose/FR 1983
18. PINK FLOYD- reaction in g + set the controls for the heart of the sun
„reaction in g“, unveröffentlichter oder eventuell improvisierter Teil eines bekannten Titels ist; beide titel sind vom 23.7.1967 Carlistle Cosmopolitan Ballroom und wurden von einem Pirate Radio gesendet (sonstige details unbekannt)
19. SYD BARRETT- octopus
siehe 08.
- SYD BARRETTs Alben „The madcap laughs“, „Barrett“, „Opel“ sind im Plattenhandel gut erhältlich.
- Die 1993 bei EMI erschiene 3-CD-Box „Crazy diamond“ beinhaltet alle 3 Alben plus ein schönes Booklet mit vielen Fotos uvm. Ebenfalls weiterhin erhältlich u. schwerst empfohlen
- Ebenso PINK FLOYDs „The piper at the gates of dawn“
- Interessante Internetquellen: www.sydbarrett.net, www.pink-floyd.org/barrett





Sendung vom 09. Juni 2006
Neues aus dem Wasteland

MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album „Obrigado Saudade“
01. WILDERNESS- monumental
02. WILDERNESS- beautiful alarms
v.A. „Vessel states“, Jagjaguwar/USA´06; Cargo
03. LADYHAWK- the dugout
v.A. „s/t“, Jagjaguwar/USA´06; Cargo
04. HOME- other times solar
05. HOME- raging angel
06. HOME- juicy ass
07. HOME- bubble
08. HOME- slide
v.A. „Sexteen“, Brah Records/USA´06; Cargo
09. OAKLEY HALL- confidence man
10. OAKLEY HALL- lazy susan
v.A. „Gypsum strings“, Brah Records/USA´06; Cargo
11. ELEVENTH DREAM DAY- lately i´ve been thinking
12. ELEVENTH DREAM DAY- insincere inspiration
beide v.A. „Zeros and ones“, Thrill Jockey/USA´06; Rough Trade
13. CATFISH HAVEN- please come back
14. CATFISH HAVEN- you can have me
beide v.CDEP „Please come back“, Secretly Canadian/USA´06; Cargo
15. DANIELSON- ship the majestic suffix
16. DANIELSON- did i step on your trumpet
17. DANIELSON- kids pushing kids
alle v.A. „Ships“, Secretly Canadian/USA´06; Cargo
18. SUFJAN STEVENS- the friendly beasts
19. ALAN SPAHAWK- be nice to people with lice
beide von der CD-Kompilation „See you on the moon!“; Paper Bag/CAN´06; Cargo
20. YOUNG PEOPLE- r and r
21. YOUNG PEOPLE- slow moving storm
beide v.A. „All at once“, Too Pure/UK ´06; Indigo
22. METALLIC FALCONS- night time and morning
v.A. „Desert doughnuts“, VoodooEros/USA´06; Cargo
23. THE BLACK HEART PROCESSION- not just words
v.A. „The spell“, Touch+Go/USA´06; Soulfood
24. MONO- the flames beyond the cold mountain
v.A. „You are there“, Temporary Residence/USA´06; Cargo





Sendung vom 07. April 2006
Neues aus dem Wasteland
mit Reiner Bös u. Gast Martin S.

MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album "Obrigado Saudade"
v.A. "Flags of the sacred harp", ATP Recordings/UK´06; Rough Trade+Neuton
v.A. "Buck Dharma", 5 Rue Christine/USA´05; Cargo
03. PINK MOUNTAINTOPS- plastic man, you´re the devil*
v.A. "Axis of evol", City Slang/Jagjaguwar D/USA´06; Rough Trade
04. CHRIS BROKAW- move**
v.A. "Incredible love", Skycap/D´06; Rough Trade
05. SWEARING AT MOTORISTS- slave to the kettle
06. SWEARING AT MOTORISTS- northern line
beide v.A. "Last night becomes this morning", Secretly Canadian/USA´06; Cargo
07. MOGWAI- auto rock
v.A. "Mr.Beast", PIAS/UK ´06; Rough Trade
v.A. "Fear is on our side", Secretly Canadian/USA´06; Cargo
09. OSTINATO- the art of vanishing***
v.A. "Changing the form", Exile On Mainstream/D´06; Soulfood
10. HEADLIGHTS- tokyo
v. 12" EP "The enemies", Mi Amante/D´06; Cargo
11. BAND OF HORSES- wicked gil
12. BAND OF HORSES- the funeral
beide v.A. "Everything all the time", Sub Pop/USA´06; Cargo
13. SHALABI EFFECT- half life
v.A. "Unfortunatly", Alien 8 Rec./CAN´05; Hausmusik
14. SKULLFLOWER- orange canyon mind
v. A. "Orange canyon mind", Crucial Blast/USA´05; US-Import
15. GONE BALD- serum istine****
16. TIGROVA MAST- svinjska alka****
17. GENTLE VEINCUT- why****
alle drei vom "Noise Convention"-Promosampler
18. EHPEMEROL- fluorescences*****
von einer Promo-CDEP; Contact: ephemerol@gmx.net
19. PARTS & LABOR- a great divide
v.A. "Stay afraid", Jagjaguwar/Brah Records/USA´06; Cargo
v.A. "Starless and bible Black Sabbath", Alien 8/CAN´06; Hausmusik
* live am 30.04.06 im Hafen 2, Offenbach; + Black Mountain
** live am 26.04.06 im Hafen 2
***live am 09.05.06 im Hafen 2
****"Noise Convention-Festival" am 16.04.06 im Hafen 2
*****live am 11.04.06 im Das Bett, Frankfurt/Main





Sendung vom 31. März 2006
Wasteland-Spezial - John Fahey

01. Desperate man blues
02. Sunflower river blues
03. Dance of the inhabitans of the palace of king philip XIV of spain
04. CHARLIE PATTON- some summer day part one
v. 3CD-Box "The Definitive Charlie Patton"; Catfish Records/UK´01; UK-Import
05. Some summer day
06. Sligo river blues
07. On the sunny side of the ocean
08. Fahey blows his nose
09. Intro to "lion"/challenges to quitting cigarettes
10. Lion
11. In christ there is no east or west
12. Yellow princess
13. DEVENDRA BANHART- tit smoking in the temple of...
v.A. "Rejoicing in the hands", XL Recordings/UK´04; Beggars
14. hitomi
15. america
16. summertime
17. PELT- sunflower river blues
v.A. "I am the resurrection: A tribute to John Fahey"; Vanguard/USA´06; Cargo
18. Magruder park
19. SUFJAN STEVENS- variation on "commemorative...at magruder park"
20. CALEXICO- dance of death
beide siehe 17.
21. The portland cement factory at monolith, Ca.
22. CUL DE SAC- the portland cement...
23. JASON Q.LYTLE- dance of the inhabitants of ...
24. LEE RANALDO- the singing people of memphis, tennessee (brookly bridge version...)
25. HOWIE GELB- my grandfather´s clock
alle vier siehe 17.
26. Beverly

1,2,3,5,7,15 von "The Best of John Fahey, 1959-1977", Takoma/UK´02; Soulfood; Tipp!!!
6, 11, 12, 21, 26 von "Return of the Repressed: The John Fahey Anthology"; Rhino/USA 1994; 8,9,10, 18 von "The Great Santa Barbara Oil Slick", Revenant/USA´05; Cargo
14 von "Hitomi", Liverpool House/UK´00; Cargo
15 von "Red Cross", Revenant/USA´03; Cargo www.johnfahey.com





Sendung vom 17. März 2006

MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album "Obrigado Saudade"
01. THE DRONES- shark fin blues
02. THE DRONES- baby _
03. THE DRONES- you really don´t care
04. THE DRONES- locust
alle v.A. "Wait long by the river...", ATPRecordings/UK´06; R.Trade/Neuton
05. PEARLS AND BRASS- black rock man
06. PEARLS AND BRASS- the mirror
07. PEARLS AND BRASS- i learn the hard way
alle v.A. "The indian tower", Drag City/USA´06; Rough Trade
08. DIRTY FACES- drug free america
09. DIRTY FACES- amplfy (like a prayer)
beide v.A. "Superamerican", Brah Records/USA´05; Cargo
10. COMPANY- i´ve been a child
v.A. "Parallel time", Brah Records/USA´05; Cargo
11. PARTS&LABOR- new buildings
12. PARTS&LABOR- a pleasant stay
beide v.A. "Stay afraid", Brah Records/USA´06; Cargo
13. LIGHTNING BOLT- 2morrowland
beide v.A. "Hypermagic mountain", Load Records/USA´05; Cargo
15. SIGHTINGS- odds on
v.A. "Arrived in gold", Load Records/USA´05; Cargo
16. BATTLES- ipt-2
17. BATTLES- hi/lo
beide von der DoCDEP ""EP C/ B EP; Warp/UK´06; Rough Trade
18. SLEEPING PEOPLE- fripp for girls
v.A. "s/t", Temporary Residence/USA´05; Cargo
19. LIARS- it fit when i was a kid
20. LIARS- the wrong coat for you mt. heart attack
beide v.A. "Drum´s not dead", Mute/UK´06; EMI
21. JACKIE O´MOTHERFUCKER- the louder roared the sea
v.A. "Flags of the sacred harp", ATPRecordings/UK´06; R.Trade





Sendung vom 10. Februar 2006
Neues aus dem Wasteland

MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album "Obrigado Saudade"
01. ELUVIUM- new animals from the air
v.A. "Talk among the trees", Temporary Residence/USA´05; Cargo
02. LIBRARY TAPES- ...in a safe place...somewhere near your heart
03. LIBRARY TAPES- alone in the bright lights...
beide v.A. "Alone in the bright lights of a...", Resonant/UK´05; Hausmusik
04. PORT-ROYAL- jeka
05. PORT-ROYAL- flares pt.3
v.A. "Flares", Resonant/UK´05; Hausmusik
06. PIRANDELO- onde scarlatte
07. PIRANDELO- life could be beauty enough
beide v.A. "Suona", Baskaru/Dsp Recordings IT´05; Hausmusik
08. HALMA- lands end
v.A. "Back to pascal", Sunday Service/D´06; Hausmuik/Indigo
09. THUJA- cd 1 no.3
v.A. "Pine cone temples", Strange Attractors/USA´05; Cargo
10. LAU NAU- kuula
11. LAU NAU- pläkkikantebrar
v.A. "Kuutarha", Locust music/USA´05; US-Import
12. MI+L´AU- they marry
13. MI+L´AU- i´ve been watching you
14. MI+L´AU- boxer
alle v.A. "s/t", Young God/USA´05; Cargo
15. JANA HUNTER- all the best wishes
16. JANA HUNTER- farm, ca.
beide v.A. "Blank unstaring heirs of doom", Gnomonsong/USA´05; Cargo
17. THE SKYGREEN LEOPARDS- jehovah i surrender
18. THE SKYGREEN LEOPARDS- let the lion be swallowed by a dove
beide von der EP "Jehovah surrender", Jagjaguwar/USA´05; Cargo
19. KELLEY STOLTZ- birdies singing
20. KELLEY STOLTZ- prank calls
v.A. "Below the branches", Sub Pop/USA´06; Cargo
21. YOUNG PEOPLE- stay awake
22. YOUNG PEOPLE- wild boys of the road
23. YOUNG PEOPLE- sudden fear
alle v. der EP "Five sunsets in four days", Too Pure/UK´06; Indigo
24. THE CHAP- younger people
v.A. "Ham", Lo Recordings/UK´05; Hausmusik ***** live am 17.02.06, Hafen 2, Offenbach





Sendung vom 27. Januar 2006
Wasteland-Spezial: Die Lieblingsplatten 2005
mit Reiner Bös u. den Gästen Klaus, Martin u. Peter

MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album "Obrigado Saudade"
01. HUDSON BELL- slow burn
v.A. "When the sun is the moon", Monitor/USA´05; Cargo
Die Lieblinge:
02. MINUS STORY- suffer by yourself (Top3/Klaus)
v. der EP "Heaven and hell", Jagjaguwar/USA´05; Cargo
03. THE ANGELS OF LIGHT+AKRON/FAMILY- raising the sparks (Top3/Peter)
v.A. "s/t", Young God/USA´05; Cargo
04. SHIPPING NEWS- paper lanterns (Top3/Martin)
v.A. "Flies the fields", Quarterstick/USA; Soulfood
05. DEERHOOF- scream team (Top3/Reiner)
v.A. "The runners four", Kill Rock Stars/USA´05; Cargo
06. SUFJAN STEVENS- chicago (Top2/Klaus)
v.A. "Come on feel the illinoise", Asthmatic Kitty/Rough Trade USA/UK´05; Rough Trade
07. DEERHOOF- running thoughts (Top2/Peter)
siehe 05.
08. MAJOR STARS- how to be (Top2/Martin)
v.A. "4", Twisted Village/USA´05; US-Import
09. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE- did you see the words (Top2/Reiner)
v.A. "Feels", Fat Cat/UK´05; Pias
10. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE- the purple bottle (Top1/Peter)
siehe 09.
11. ONEIDA- lavender (Top1/Klaus)
v.A. "The wedding", Jagjaguwar/Rough Trade USA/UK´05; Rough Trade
12. LICHENS- kirlian auras/shoreline scoring (Top1/Martin)
v.A. "The psychic of nature of being", Kranky/USA´05; Cargo
13. AKRON/FAMILY- shoes (Top1/Reiner)
v.A. "s/t", Young God/USA´05; Cargo
Ebenfalls wunderbare Musik:
14. LIKE A STUNTMAN- i was shocked and you were shocked
v.A. "Fresh air is not the worst thing in town", Highpoint Lowlife/UK´05; Cargo
15. HOOD- the lost you
v.A. "Outside closer", Domino/UK´05; Rough Trade
16. GANG GANG DANCE- ego war
v.A. "God´s money", The Social Registry/USA´05; Cargo
17. SMOG- palimpsest
v.A. "A river ain´t much to love", Domino/UK´05; Rough Trade
18. THE REMOTE VIEWER- sometimes, you can´t decide
v.A. "Let your heart draw a line", City Centre Offices D/UK´05; Hausmusik
19. BLACK MOUNTAIN- druganaut
v.A. "s/t", Jagjaguwar/City Slang USA/UK´05; Cargo u. Rough Trade
20. THE CHAP- i am oozing emotion
v.A. "Ham", Lo Recordings/UK´05; Hausmusik
21. EARTH- mirage
v.A. "Hex", Southern Lord/UK´05; Soulfood
21. TURPENTINE BROTHERS- we don´t care about your good times
v.A. "We don´t care about your good times", Alive/USA´05; US-Import

Die Listen:
Martins Lieblingsplatten
01. LICHENS- the psychic nature of being (Kranky)
02. MAJOR STARS- 4 (Twisted Village)
03. SHIPPING NEWS- flies the fields (Quarterstick)
04. THE DRIFT- noumena (Temporary Residence)
05. SMOG- a river ain´t much to love (Domino)
06. AKRON/FAMILY- s/t (Young God)
07. ONEIDA- the wedding (Jagjaguwar/Rough Trade)
08. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- school of the flower (Drag City)
09. BLACK DICE- broken ear record (DFA)
10. EARTH- hex (Southern Lord)
11. THE CHAP- ham (Lo Recordings)
12. KAWABATA MAKOTO- jellyfish rising (Fünfundvierzig)
13. AMP- us (Very Friendly)
14. RICHARD YOUNGS- the naive shaman (Jagjaguwar)
15. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE- feels (Fat Cat)
16. SONIC YOUTH- koncertas stan brakhage (Styr)
17. BLACK MOUNTAIN- s/t (Jagjaguwar/City Slang)
18. OLD TIME RELIJUN- 2012 (K Records)
19. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO.- what comes after the blues (Secretly Canadian)
20. WHY?- elephant eyelash (Anticon)
01. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE- feels (Fat Cat)
02. DEERHOOF- the runners four (Kill Rock Stars)
04. GANG GANG DANCE- god´s money (Social Reg.)
05. DEVENDRA BANHART- cripple crow (XL)
06. THE CHAP- ham (Lo)
07. MICE PARADE- bem-vinda vontade (Fat Cat)
08. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- school of the flower (Drag City)
09. WOLF PARADE- apologies to queen mary (Sub Pop)
10. M.WARD- transistor radio (Matador)
01. ONEIDA- the wedding (Jagjag./R.Trade)
02. SUFJAN STEVENS- come on feel the illionoise (Asth.Kitty/Rough Trade)
03. MINUS STORY- heaven and hell ep (Jagjaguwar)
04. LIKE A STUNTMAN- fresh air...(Highpoint Lowlife)
05. THE REMOTE VIEWER- let your heart...(CCO)
06. KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF- absencen (Staubgold)
07. AKRON/FAMILY- s/t (Young God)
08. HOOD- outside closer (Domino)
09. TURPENTINE BROTHERS- we don´t care... (Alive)
10. YELLOW 6- melt inside (Make Mine)
01. AKRON/FAMILY- s/t (Young God; Cargo)
02. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE- Feels (Fat Cat; Pias)
03. DEERHOOF- Runners four (Killrockstars; Cargo)
04. HUDSON BELL- When the sun is the moon (Monitor; Cargo)
05. MAJOR STARS- 4 (Twisted Village; Import)
06. CARIBOU- The milk of human kindness (Leaf; Hausmusik)
07. BLACK MOUNTAIN- s/t (Jagjaguwar; Cargo)
08. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- School of the flower (Drag City; Rough Trade)
09. ONEIDA- The wedding (Rough Trade; Rough Trade)
10. THE CHAP- Ham (Lo Recordings; Hausmusik)
11. LIKE A STUNTMAN- Fresh air is not the worst thing in town (Highpoint Lowlife; Cargo)
12. LAU NAU- Kuutarha (Locust; Import)
13. HOOD- Outside closer (Domino; Rough Trade)
14. MICE PARADE-Bem-vinda vontade (Fat Cat; Pias)
15. THE ANGELS OF LIGHT- Sing other people (Young God; Cargo)
16. THE REMOTE VIEWER- Let your heart draw a line (City Centre Offices; Hausmusik)
17. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO.- What comes after the blues (Secretly Canadian; Cargo)
18. DEVENDRA BANHART- Cripple crow (XL Recordings; Beggars)
19. KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF- Absencen (Staubgold; Hausmusik)
20. BJÖRN KLEINHENZ- Trans pony (Mi Amante; Cargo)


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