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Neues aus dem Wasteland


Die aktuellen Lieblinge Dezember '07:
Sir Richard Bishop- polytheistic fragmants (Drag City)
Fire On Fire- s/t EP (Young God)
Magic Markers- boss (Ecstatic Peace)
Fabio Orsi & Gianluca Becuzzi- muddy speaking ghosts...(A Silent Place)
The Terminals- last days of the sun (Last Visible Dog)

Die aktuellen Lieblinge September '07:

Marmoset- florist fired (Secretly Canadian)
Caribou- andorra (City Slang)
Magnolia Electric Co.- the black ram (aus der Sojourner-Box, S.Canadian)
Nyles Lannon- pressure (Badman Recordings)
James Blackshaw- the cloud of unknowing (Tompkins Square)

Die aktuellen Lieblinge Juli '07:
Grails - burning off impurities (Temp.Residence/USA '07; Cargo)
Battles - mirrored (Warp/UK '07; Rough Trade)
Mice Parade - mice parade (Fat Cat/UK '07; Pias)
Hala Strana - heave the gambrel roof (Music Fellowship/USA '07; Import)
Shellac - excellent italian greyhound (Touch+Go/USA '07; Soulfood)

Die Prägung
The Who bis Keith Moon´s Tod
Stiff Little Fingers - nobody´s heroes
Wipers - is this real?
Dischord und Minor Threat, Embrace, Rites of Spring
Hüsker Dü - new day rising
Dinosaur (Jr.) - you´re living all over me
Sebadoh - III
Sonic Youth - sister
Nick Drake - pink moon
Labradford - prazision
Slint - spiderland
Fehlfarben - monarchie und alltag


Double Diamond

Aktuelle Lieblingssongs:
Carla Bruni feat. Lou Reed * Those dancing days are gone (2006)
Victor Scott * Gotta go (2006)
The Raveonettes * Love in a trashcan (2005)
Yellow Balloon * Yellow Balloon (2000)
Adorable * Homeboy (1993)
Saint Louis Creative Ensemble * I cant figure out (1979)

Sammi Smith * This room for rent (1970)
Alfred Alpaka & Danny Stewart's Hawaiians * The Hukilau Song (1950's)

The Go Betweens
Johnny Cash


Love Is On Air

Aktuelle Lieblinge:

"The Mix-Up" von Beastie Boys (2007)
"Keren Ann" von Keren Ann (2007)
"The Long Term Physical Effects" von Jay Jay Johanson (2007)

Belle & Sebastian
Nick Drake

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