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Sendung vom 30. Dezember 2005
Gastkommentatorin Gisela S.

* Intro:
MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album "Obrigado Saudade"
* 01. PINETOP SEVEN- the night´s bloom
* 02. PINETOP SEVEN- easy company
beide v.A. "The night´s bloom", Empyrean/USA´05; Cargo
* 03. DAMIEN JURADO- a jealous heart is a heavy heart
v.A. "On my way to absence", Secretly Canadian/USA´05; Cargo
* 04. BJÖRN KLEINHENZ- leipzig lover
v.A. "Trans Pony", Mi Amante/D´05; Cargo
* 05. DON LENNON- last comic standing
v.A. "Routine", Martin Philip/USA´05; www.donlennon.com
* 06. GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS- song for the angels
v.A. "Bodies and minds", Misra/USA´05; Cargo
* 07. MY MORNING JACKET- off the record
v.A. "Z", Badman/USA´05; US-Import+++im Januar´06 dann auf Red Ink/Rough Trade
* 08. HOME- which armageddon?
* 09. HOME- zenith place
beide v.A. "No.15", Cooking Vinyl/UK´05; Indigo
* 10. THE BLACK ANGELS- black grease
v.A. "s/t", Light in the attic/USA´05; Cargo
v. Splitalbum "s/t", Young God/USA´05; Cargo
* 12. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE- banshee beat
v.A. "Feels", Fat Cat/UK´05; Pias
* 13. MICHAELA MELIAN- föhrenwald
v.CD-Kompilation des Heftes Texte zur Kunst, Ausgabe Dezember´05 "Sounds"; www.textezurkunst.de
* 14. CASTANETS- no voice was raised
v.A. "First light´s freeze", Asthmatic Kitty/USA´05; Cargo
* 15. CERBERUS SHOAL- junior
v.A. "The land we all believe in", North East Indie/USA´05; US-Import
* 16. RICHARD YOUNGS- life on a beam
v.A. "The naive shaman", Jagjaguwar/USA´05; Cargo
* 17. VASHTI BUNYAN- against the sky
v.A. "Lookaftering", Fat Cat/UK´05; Pias
* 18. MUTTER- die erde wird der schönste platz im all
v. DoCD "Das ganze Spektrum des Nichts", Enduro/Staatsakt D´05; Broken Silence



Sendung vom 04. November 2005

* Intro: MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album "Obrigado Saudade"
* 01. BEEF TERMINAL- everything is alive
* 02. BEEF TERMINAL- no robbers no kidnappers no fires no floods
beide v.A. "Anger do not enter", Noise Factory/CAN´05; Cargo-Vertrieb
* 03. THE DRIFT- gardening, not architecture
* 04. THE DRIFT- transatlantic
beide v.A. "Noumena", Temporary Residence/USA´05; Cargo
* 05. MINUS STORY- ringing in the dark
* 06. MINUS STORY- i was hit
beide v.A. "No rest for ghosts", Jagjaguwar/USA´05; Cargo
* 07. HUDSON BELL- slow burn
* 08. HUDSON BELL- the falls
v.A. "When the sun is the moon", Monitor Records/USA´05; Cargo
* 09. THE CHAP- woop
* 10. THE CHAP- auto where to
* 11. THE CHAP- arizona
alle v. A. "Ham", Lo Recordings/UK´05; UK-Import
* 12. FERN KNIGHT- eulogy to lenny bruce ******
von der CDEP "Blithewold", USA´05; www.fernknight.com
* 13. FERN KNIGHT- wolf i
v.A. "Seven years of servered limbs", Normal/D´03; Indigo
* 14. FERN KNIGHT- the summer day reflection song
* 15. FERN KNIGHT- give me your hand
beide siehe 12.
* 16. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE FEAT. VASHTI BUNYAN- i remember learning how to dive #####
von der EP "Prospect hummer", Fatcat/UK´05; Pias
* 17. DEERHOOF- spiral golden town
von der EP "Green cosmos", Menlo Park/USA´05; US-Import
* 18. DEERHOOF- vivid cheek love song
* 19. DEERHOOF- o´malley, former underdog
* 20. DEERHOOF- odyssey
* 21. DEERHOOF- wrong time capsule
* 22. DEERHOOF- spirit ditties of no tone
* 23. DEERHOOF- you can see
alle v.A. "The runners four", Kill Rockstars/USA´05; Cargo
*****live am 22.11.05 im Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt; im Vorprogramm: HATE ROCKETS !!!
##### live am 08.11.05 in der Brotfabrik, Frankfurt




Sendung vom 14. Oktober 2005
Gast Martin S.

* Intro: MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album "Obrigado Saudade"
* 01. MAGNETA LANE- the constant lover
* 02. MAGNETA LANE- their party days
beide von der EP "The constant lover", Paper Bag/CAN´05; Cargo
* 03. BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE- super connected
* 04. BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE- our faces split the coast in two
v.A. "s/t", City Slang/D´05; Rough Trade
* 05. CONSTANTINES- draw us lines
* 06. CONSTANTINES- lizeveta
v.A. "Tournaments of hearts", Sub Pop/USA´05; Cargo
* 07. AMUSEMENT PARKS ON FIRE- venus in cancer
* 08. AMUSEMENT PARKS ON FIRE- eighty eight
beide v.A. "s/t", V2 Records05; Rough Trade
* 09. ROGUE WAVE- 10:1
* 10. ROGUE WAVE- publish my love
beide v.A. "Descended like vultures", Sub Pop/USA´05; Cargo
* 11. WHY?- fall saddles
* 12. WHY?- waterfalls
v.A. "Elephant eyelash", Anticon/USA´05; Alive
* 13. IRON+WINE/CALEXICO- dead man´s will
vom Minialbum "In the reins", Touch+Go/USA´05; Soulfood
* 14. FRIENDS OF DEAN MARTINEZ- heart of darkness
v.A. "Lost horizon", Glitterhouse/D´05; Indigo
* 15. AUGUST BORN- birds&sun&clay
* 16. AUGUST BORN- providence
beide v.A. "s/t", Drag City/USA´05; Rough Trade
* 17. KAWABATA MAKOTO- .Astral Aurelia Aurita Laavarek
v.A. "Jellyfish rising", Fünfundvierzig/D´05; Indigo
* 18. BLACK DICE- snarly yow #####
* 19. BLACK DICE- motorcycle
beide v.A. "Broken ear record", DFA/USA´05; EMI
* 20. AKRON/FAMILY- suchness*****
v.A. "s/t", Young God/USA´05; Cargo
* 21. XIU XIU- muppet face
v.A. "La forêt", Skycap D´05; Rough Trade
* 22. FERN KNIGHT- pearl´s dream******
von der CDEP "Blitheworld", USA´05, www.fernknight.com
*****live am 24.10.05 in der Oettinger Villa, Darmstadt
******live am 22.11.05 im Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt
##### der versprochene Link: http://www.tinymixtapes.com/musicreviews/b/black_dice.htm




Sendung vom 30. September 2005

* Intro: MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album "Obrigado Saudade"
* 01. THE REMOTE VIEWER- they´re closind down the shop
* 02. THE REMOTE VIEWER- take your lights with you
* 03. THE REMOTE VIEWER- i´m sad feeling!
* 04. THE REMOTE VIEWER- how did you both look me in the eye?
alle v.Album "Let your heart draw a line", City Centre Offices D/UK´05; Hausmusik
* 05. THE BOATS- lessley
v.A. "Songs by the sea", Moteer/UK´05; Hausmusik
* 06. TUJIKO NORIKO- niagara hotel
* 07. TUJIKO NORIKO- shayou (setting sun)
* 08. TUJIKO NORIKO- tablet for money
alle v.A. "Blurred in my mirror", Room40/AUS´05; A-Musik
* 09. ODD NOSDAM- small mr man parts
* 10. ODD NOSDAM- 11th ave freakout pt 2
* 11. ODD NOSDAM- clouded
alle v.A. "Burner", Anticon/USA´05; Alive
* 12. WINDSOR FOR THE DERBY- empathy for people unknown
* 13. WINDSOR FOR THE DERBY- giving up
* 14. WINDSOR FOR THE DERBY- gathering
alle v.A. "Giving up the ghost", Secretly Canadian/USA´05; Cargo
* 15. WOLF PARADE- shine a light
* 16. WOLF PARADE- i´ll believe in anything
beide v.A. "Apologies to the queen mary", Sub Pop/USA´05; Cargo
* 17. SCOUT NIBLETT- hot death
* 18. SCOUT NIBLETT- pompoms
beide v.A. "Kidnapped by neptune", Too Pure/UK´05; Indigo
* 19. OMA HANS- sofa in singapur *****
* 20. OMA HANS- aus stahl
beide v.A. "Peggy", Schiffen/D´05; Indigo
* 21. MINUS THE BEAR- the game neede me
* 22. MINUS THE BEAR- drilling
beide v.A. "Menos el oso", Suicide Squeeze/USA´05; Cargo
* 23. DEVENDRA BANHART- cripple crow
v.A. "Cripple crow", XL/UK´05; Indigo
*****live am 02.10.05, 603qm, Darmstadt


Sendung vom 02. September 2005

* Intro: MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album "Obrigado Saudade"
* 01. CARIBOU- yeti
v.A. "The milk of human kindness", Leaf/UK´05; Hausmusik
* 02. THE AMERICAN ANALOG SET- born on the cusp ****
* 03. THE AMERICAN ANALOG SET- play hurt
* 04. THE AMERICAN ANALOG SET- the green green gras
alle v.A. "Set free", Morr Music/D´05; Hausmusik/Indigo
* 05. SUFJAN STEVENS- the man of metropolis steals our hearts
* 06. SUFJAN STEVENS- concerning the ufo sighting near highland, illinois
* 07. SUFJAN STEVENS- john wayne gacy jr.
* 08. SUFJAN STEVENS- decatur
alle v.A. "Come on feel the illinoise", Rough Trade/Asthmatic Kitty UK/USA´05; Rough Trade
* 09. DEVENDRA BANHART- now that i know
* 10. DEVENDRA BANHART- dragon flys
* 11. DEVENDRA BANHART- lazy butterfly
alle v.A. "Cripple crow", XL/UK´05; Indigo
* 12. COCOROSIE- k-hole
* 13. COCOROSIE- south 2nd
* 14. COCOROSIE- bisounours
v.A. "Noah´s ark", Touch+Go/USA´05; Soulfood
* 15. ELECTRELANE- i keep losing heart
* 16. ELECTRELANE- those people are pockets
* 17. ELECTRELANE- the partisan
alle v.A. "Axxes", Too Pure/UK´05; Indigo
* 18. KINSKI- the wives of artie shaw *****
* 19. KINSKI- the snowy parts of scandinavia
beide v.A. "Alpine static", Sub Pop/USA´05; Cargo
* 20. MAJOR STARS- song for turner
v.A. "4", Twisted Village/USA´05; US-Import
* 21. WILDERNESS- end of freedom
v.A. "s/t", Jagjaguwar/USA´05; Cargo
****am 19.09.05 live in der Brotfabrik, Frankfurt
*****am 30.10.05 live im Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt



Sendung vom 12. August 2005
Wasteland Spezial: Kammerflimmer Kollektief
(Heike Aumüller, Thomas Weber, Johannes Fritsch) zu Gast im Studio

* Intro: MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album "Obrigado Saudade"KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF-
* 01. lichterloh
* 02. mond?
* 03. kissen
* 04. hysteria
* 05. sie tranken regen
* 06. sie tranken regen (version)
* 07. shibboleth
* 01.+06 v.A. "Absencen", Staubgold/D`05; Hausmusik/Indigo
* 02. v.A. " Mäander", Payola/D´99
* 03. v.A. "Incommunicado", Payola´99
* 04. v.A. "Hysteria", Bubblecore/USA´00; Hausmusik
* 05. v.A. "Cicadidae", Staubgold/D´03; Hausmusik/Indigo
* 08. THE ONE ENSEMBLE OF DANIEL PADDON- baltic chunks of antiquity
* 09. THE ONE ENSEMBLE OF DANIEL PADDON- early music of the morning
* 10. THE ONE ENSEMBLE OF DANIEL PADDON- haiku cigarette
alle v.A. "The owl of fives", Textile Records/F´04; Cargo
* 11. A HAWK AND A HACKSAW- our lady of the vlatva
* 12. A HAWK AND A HACKSAW- the moon under water
* 13. A HAWK AND A HACKSAW- the water under the moon
* 14. A HAWK AND A HACKSAW- a black and white rainbow
alle v.A. "Darkness at noon", Leaf/UK´05; Hausmusik
* 15. COLLEEN- bubbles which on the water swim
* 16. COLLEEN- mining in the rain
* 17. COLLEEN- the golden morning breaks
alle v.A. "The golden morning breaks", Leaf/UK´05; Hausmusik
* 18. HANNE HUKKELBERG- searching
* 19. HANNE HUKKELBERG- cast anchor
* 20. HANNE HUKKELBERG- words & a piece of paper
alle v.A. "Little things", Leaf/UK´05; Hausmusik
* 21. CARIBOU- hands first
* 22. CARIBOU- hello hammerheads
* 23. CARIBOU- bees
alle v.A. "The milk of human kindness", Leaf/UK´05; Hausmusik



Sendung vom 29. Juli 2005

* Intro: MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album "Obrigado Saudade"
* 01. THEE SILVER MT. ZION MEMORIAL ORCHESTRA...- god bless our dead marines
v.A. "Horses in the sky", Constellation/CAN´05; Hausmusik
* 02. ESMERINE- why she swallows bullets and stones
v.A. "Aurora", Madrona/CAN´05; Hausmusik
* 03. HARRIS NEWMAN- cloud city
* 04. HARRIS NEWMAN- lords & ladies
beide v.A. "Accidents with nature and each other", Strange Attractors/USA´05; Cargo
* 05. COCOROSIE- noah´s ark
* 06. COCOROSIE- tekkno love song
beide von der "Naoh´s ark"-Single, Touch+Go/USA´05; Soulfood
* 07. MARISSA NADLER- under an old umbrella
* 08. MARISSA NADLER- calico
beide v.A. "The saga of mayflower may", Eclipse/Beautiful Happiness USA/UK´05; Cargo
* 09. DAVID-IVAR HERMAN DÜNE- novascotia
* 10. DAVID-IVAR HERMAN DÜNE- in the house
beide v.A. "Novascotia runs for gold...", Smoking Gun/UK´05; Cargo
* 11. THE EVENS- shelter two
* 12. THE EVENS- around the corner
* 13. THE EVENS- all these governors
alle v.A. "s/t", Dischord/USA´05; Alive
* 14. CHAD VAN GAALEN- after the afterlife
v.A. "Infiniheart", Sub Pop/USA´05; Cargo
* 15. HOLOPAW- losing light
v.A. "Quit +/ or fight!", Sub Pop/USA´05; Cargo
* 16. fINN- to-and-fro
* 17. fINN- electrify
beide v.A. "The ayes will have it!", Sunday Service/D´05; Hausmusik
* 18. JULLANDER- behind the scenes
v.A. "Interiors", Sunday Service/D´03; Hausmusik
* 19. JULLANDER- behind the scenes
von der CDEP "Reworks & continuations", Sunday Service/D´05; Hausmusik
* 20. CENTERFLEX- chocolate surgeon
* 21. CENTERFLEX- easter bunny drowned in a bucket
* 22. CENTERFLEX- uranium workers
alle v.A. "s/t", Kontaktadresse: centerflex2@gmx.net
* 24. GENTLE VEINCUT- steve & the boys
beide v.A. "s/t", Kontaktadresse: www.gentle-veincut.de
v.A. "Absencen", Staubgold/D´05; Hausmusik ****live am 12.08.05 im Hafen 2, Offenbach****



Sendung vom 01. Juli 2005
Neues und Altes aus dem Wasteland
mit Reiner Bös u. den Gästen Martin S. u. Tobi M.

* Intro: MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album "Obrigado Saudade"
von der gleichnamigen CDEP, Fatcat/UK´05; Pias
* 02. PAJO- high lonesome moan
v.A. "s/t". Domino/UK´05; Rough Trade
* 03. DETALLES- split
v.A. "Shapes of summer", Traum Schallplatten/D´03; Kompakt
* 04. CHAD VAN GALLEN- clinically dead
v.A. "Infiniheart", Sub Pop/USA´05; Cargo
* 05. THE DIRTBOMBS- the sharpest claws
v.A. "If you don´t take a look", In The Red/USA´05; Cargo
* 06. THE MARTINI HENRY RIFLES- gippo kids ate my hamster
* 07. THE MARTINI HENRY RIFLES- luger 6000
beide v.A. "Superbastard", FF Vinyl/UK´04; Broken Silence
* 08. CHINESE STARS- cheap city halo
v.A. "A rare sensation", Three.One.G/USA´04; www.x-mist.de
* 09. MAJOR STARS- how to be
v.A. "4", Twisted Village/USA´05; US-Import
* 10. A.M.THAWN- lovely bleep-beep
v.A. "Coalition: Now", Day After Records/CZ´04; ???
* 11. BLACK MOUNTAIN- no hits
* 12. v.A. "s/t", Jagjaguwar/USA´05; Cargo
* 13. MAINLINER- black sky
v.A. "Mellow out", Riot Season/USA´03 (Reissue von 1995); Southern
* 14. GANG OF FOUR- at home he´s a tourist
v.A. "The Peel Sessions Album", Strange Fruit/UK´90; ???
* 15. SUICIDE- rocket usa
v.A. "s/t", Red Star/USA`1977 (Reissue Mute/UK´03)
* 16. UNCLE TUPELO- i wanna be your dog
v.A. "Uncle Tupelo 89/93: An Anthology", Sony BMG´02
* 17. THE CHAMELEONS- monkeyland
v.A. "Script of a bridge", Static/UK´83 (Reissue 1995 auf Dead Dead; Rough Trade)
* 18. FOURTET- sundrums+soil
v.A. "Everything ecstatic", Domino/UK´05; Rough Trade
* 19. MAXIMO PARK- graffiti
von der gleichnamigen Single, Warp/UK´05; Rough Trade
* 20. ARIEL PINK´S HAUNTED GRAFFITI- artifact of love
v.A. "Worn Copy", Paw Tracks/USA´05; Cargo
* Unterlegmusik während der Sendung:
Harris Newman- "Accidents with nature and each other",
Strange Attractors/USA´05; Cargo



Sendung vom 10. Juni 2005

* Intro: MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album "Obrigado Saudade"
* 01. MICE PARADE- nights wave
* 02. MICE PARADE- the boat room
* 03. MICE PARADE- ground as cold as common
alle v.A. "Bem-vinda vontade", Fatcat/UK´05; Pias
* 04. THE BOOKS- animated description of mr. maps
v.A. "Lost and safe", Tomlab/D´05; Hausmusik/Indigo
* 05. AKRON/FAMILY- running, returning
* 06. AKRON/FAMILY- italy
* 07. AKRON/FAMILY- shoes
* 08. AKRON/FAMILY- lumen
alle v.A. "s/t", Young God/USA´05; Cargo
* 09. ANGELS OF LIGHT- my sister said
* 10. ANGELS OF LIGHT- michael´s white hands
beide v.A. "...sing other people", Young God/USA´05; Cargo
* 11. ONEIDA- lavender
* 12. ONEIDA- high life
* 13. ONEIDA- spirits
* 14. ONEIDA- know
* 15. ONEIDA- heavenly choir
v.A. "The wedding", Rough Trade/UK´05; Rough Trade
* 16. BLACK MOUNTAIN- druganaut
v.A. "s/t", Jagjaguwar/USA´05; Cargo ***
* 17. OKKERVIL RIVER- black sheep boy
* 18. OKKERVIL RIVER- for real
* 19. OKKERVIL RIVER- a stone
v.A. "Black sheep boy", Jagjaguwar/USA´05; Cargo
* 20. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- hard to love a man
* 21. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- northstar blues
beide v.A. "What comes after the blues", Secretly Canadian/USA´05; Cargo ****
* 22. BJÖRN KLEINHENZ- brave hearts
* 23. BJÖRN KLEINHENZ- sticks in the stream
beide von der von SplitEP mit Rob&The Pinhole Stars, Mi Amante/D´05; Cargo
***am 27.06.05 live zusammen mit KINSKI im Cookys/Frankfurt
****am 24.06.05 live im Frankfurter Kunstverein



Sendung vom 20. Mai 2005
Wasteland Spezial – im Studio Sven u. Tobi von Like A Stuntman

* Intro: MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album "Obrigado Saudade"
* 01. LIKE A STUNTMAN- let´s talk about horses
* 02. FUCK- her plastic acupuncture foot
v.A. "Those are not my bongos", Homesleep/IT´03; Cargo
* 03. LIKE A STUNTMAN- i was shocked and you were shocked
* 04. GUTS PIE EARSHOT- ripped of
von der EP "s/t", D´95, www.gutspiearshot.de
* 05. MODEST MOUSE- so much beauty in dirt
von der CDEP "Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks", Epic/USA´01
* 06. LIKE A STUNTMAN- reduce
* 07. DEERHOOF- the magnificent bird will rise
v.A. "Reveille", Kill Rock Stars &5 Rue Christine/USA´02 ; Cargo
* 08. LIKE A STUNTMAN- kingkongs
* 09. FREE KITTEN- top 40
v.A. "Sentimental education", Wiiija/UK´04; Indigo
* 10. LIKE A STUNTMAN- making competition out of everything
* Blind Date
* 11. LOU BARLOW- terrorize
siehe www.loobiecore.com
* 12. BY THE END OF TONIGHT- setting sail in april
v.A. "A tribute to tigers", Temporary Residence/USA´05; Cargo
* 13. STEPHEN MALKMUS- baby c´mon
v.A. "Face the truth", Matador/USA´05;
* 14. HOOD- any hopeful thoughts arrive
v.A. "Outside closer", Domino/UK´05; Rough Trade
* 15. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO.- the dark don´t hide it
v.A. "What comes after the blues", Secretly Canadian/USA´05; Cargo16. LIKE A STUNTMAN- park the trailer in the park
* 17. THE BOOKS- the future wouldn´t it be nice
v.A. "The lemon of pink", Tomlab/D´04; Hausmusik+Indigo
v.A. "f# a# &", Constellation/CAN´97; Hausmusik+Indigo
* 19. LIKE A STUNTMAN- here in hell
* 20. UGLY CASANOVA- hotcha girls
v.A. "Sharpen your teeth", Sub Pop/USA´02; Cargo
* 21. LIKE A STUNTMAN- all your magazinesAlle LIKE A STUNTMAN Songs sind vom Album "Fresh air is not the worst thing in town"
u. ist auf Highpoint Lowlife Records im Mai´05 erschienen. Erhältlich über
Unterlegmusik während der Sendung kam von centerflex,
erreichbar unter centerflex2@gmx.net



Sendung vom 29. April 2005
Reflective Hiphop – Anticon, Label u. Künstlerkollektiv
mit Reiner Bös u. Gast Diego B.

* Intro: MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album "Obrigado Saudade"
* 01. CLOUDDEAD- pop song
v.A. "Ten", Mush/USA´03
* 02. JEL- midi parameters
v.A. "10 seconds", Mush /USA´01
* 03. DEEP PUDDLE DYNAMICS- d.mothers of invention
v.A. "Taste of rain...why kneel?", Anticon/ USA´00
* 04. SOLE- teepee on a highway blues
v.A. "Selling live water", Anticon/USA´03
* 05. RESTIFORM BODIES- the third reel judy garland
v.A. "s/t", 6 Months/USA´01
* 06. THE BOMARR MONK- meat dance
v. Single "Surface Sincerity Soundtrack", Anticon/USA´04
* 07. TELEPHONE JIM JESUS- failure to fly
v.A. "A point too far for astronaut", Anticon/USA´04
* 08. REACHING QUIET- 113th clean
v.Compilation "Various- ropeladder 12", Mush/USA´00
* 09. WHY & ODD NOSDAM- madtoons beat orchestra
v.A. "The why? & odd nosdam split ep!", Anticon/USA´02
* 10. WHY- ferriswheel
v.A. "Oaklandazulasylum", Anticon/USA´03
* 11. HOOD- banches bare
v.A. "Cold house", Domino/UK´01; Rough Trade
* 12. 13 & GOD- low heaven
v.A. "s/t", Anticon+Alien Transistor USA+D´05
* 13. TTC- pas d´armure (feat. Dose One)
v.A. "Ceci n´est pas un disque", Big Dada/UK´02; Rough Trade
* 14. VOLLMAR- Lucy of the blue hills ***Konzerthinweis***
v.A. "13 or so people who need chances", Blue Sanct/USA´05; Cargo
* 15. PENNY- airdrops
* 16. JOSH MARTINEZ- deny
v.A. "Made in china", Camobear/CAN´04
* 17. THEMSELVES- good people check (hrvatski remix)
v.A. "The no music of aiff's. the no music remixed", Anticon/USA´03
* 18. BOOM BIP & DOSE ONE- goddam telephone
v.A. "Circle", Mush+Leaf USA/UK´02
* 19. ALIAS w/ MARKUS ACHER- unseen sights
v.A. "Muted", Anticon/USA´03
* 20. BUCK 65- diesel treatment pt4
v.A. "Language arts", Warner/CAN´02
+++Empfehlung zum Einstieg:
Various Artists- Anticon Label Sampler 1999-2004, wie alles von Anticon im Hausmusik-Vertrieb
+++Unterlegmusik während der ganzen Sendung war das Album von
SIXTOO- "Chewing On Glass and Other Miracle Cures", Ninja Tune/UK´04



Sendung vom 22. April 2005
Free Folk/Freak Folk + Neues Aus dem Wasteland

* Intro: MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album "Obrigado Saudade"
* 01. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- eight cognition/all you´ve left
* 02. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- words for two
alle v.A. "School of the flower", Drag City/USA´05; Rough Trade
* 04. THE TOWER RECORDINGS- ibiza within you
* 05. THE TOWER RECORDINGS- other kinps run
beide v.A. "The galaxies´incredible sensual...", CommunionUSA´04; US-Import
* 06. P.G.SIX- come in/winter it is past
* 07. P.G.SIX- crooked way
v.A. "The well of memory", Perhaps Transparent Rec./USA´04; US-Import
* 08. HALL OF FAME- sleight of line
* 09. HALL OF FAME- hall of fire
beide v.A. "Paradise now", The Social Registry/USA´04; Cargo Records Germany
* 10. THE SKYGREEN LEOPARDS- mother the sun makes me cry
* 11. THE SKYGREEN LEOPARDS- belle of the woodman´s autumn ball
beide v.A. "Life&love in sparrow´s meadow", Jagjaguwar/USA´05; Cargo
* 12. VOLLMAR- daisy´s out of line
v.A. " 13 or so people who need changes", Blue Sanct/USA´04; Cargo ****
* 13. ELEPHANT MICAH- big star
vom noch unveröffentlichten neuem Album, Blue Sanct/USA´05; Cargo ****
* 14. MINUS STORY- heaven and hell
* 15. MINUS STORY- hybrid moments
beide von der EP "Heaven and hell", Jagjaguwar/USA´05; Cargo
* 16. HALF-HANDED CLOUD- thumb/toe collection
* 17. HALF-HANDED CLOUD- animals are cut in two
* 18. HALF-HANDED CLOUD- disasters will come upon you...
alle v.A. "Thy is a word+feet need lamps", Asthmatic Kitty/USA´05; Cargo
* 19. AFRAMES- galena
* 20. AFRAMES- memoranda
beide v.A. "Black forest", Sub Pop/USA´05; Cargo
* 21. HATE ROCKETS- that´s when i reach for my revolver *****
v. selbtgemachten Demo
* 22. AFRAMES- black forest III
* 23. PAINT IT BLACK- pink slip
* 24. PAINT IT BLACK- exit wounds
beide v.A. "Paradise", Jade Tree/USA´05; Cargo
* 25. AMP- get here
* 26. AMP- yousay
beide v.A. "US", Very Friendly/UK´05; Cargo
* 27. THE ANGELS OF LIGHT- the kid is already breaking
v.A. "The angels of light sing " other people", Young God/USA´05; Cargo
* 28. AKRON/FAMILY- before and again
v.A. "s/t", Young God/USA´05; Cargo
****VOLLMAR+ELEPHANT MICAH live am 12.05.05 in der Oetinger Villa, Darmstadt
*****HATE ROCKETS live am 24.04.05 im Schlachthof, Wiesbaden



Sendung vom 25. März 2005

* Intro: MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album "Obrigado Saudade"
* 01. FRANCO SAINT DE BAKKER- no one knows
von der Compilation "Domino 5", CD-Beilage des WIRE-Magazins 03/05
* 02. ALEC K. REDFEARN&THE EYESORES- simian fanfare
* 03. ALEC K. REDFEARN&THE EYESORES- the night it rained glass on onion street
beide vom Album "The Quiet Room", Cuneiform/USA´05; Fenn Music Service
* 04. ALEC K. REDFEARN&THE EYESORES- cold little knife
v.A. "Every man for himself & god against all", Corleone/Peacific USA/D´04; Broken Silence
* 05. ALEC K. REDFEARN&THE EYESORES- bulgarian skin mechanic
siehe 03.
v.A. "2 _ Creatures", The Company With The Golden Arm/D´05; www.x-mist.de
* 08. CHATHAM COUNTY LINE- arms of the law
beide v.A. "Route 23", Yeproc.Records USA/05; Cargo Records Germany
* 09. THE CHRIS STAMEY EXPERIENCE- mccauley street
v.A. "A Question Of Temperature", Yeproc.Records USA´05; Cargo
* 10. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- leave the city
v.A. "Trials & Errors", Secretly Canadian USA´05; Cargo
* 11. PANOPLY ACADEMY- nom de plume
v.A. "Everything Here Was Built To Break", Secretly Canadian USA´04; Cargo
* 12. BLACK MOUNTAIN- druganaut
* 13. BLACK MOUNTAIN- heart of snow
beide v.A. "s/t", Jagjaguwar USA´05; Cargo
* 14. LIKE A STUNTMAN- reduce
von der gleichnamigen Single, Highpoint Lowlife UK´05; www.like-a-stuntman.de
* 15. fINN.- no slow-motion hype (Lawrence Remix)
v.Minialbum "Expose Yourself To Disco Education", Sunday Service D´04; Hausmusik
* 16. PULKA- ryper
* 17. PULKA- neue hose
v.A. "Da", Sunday Service D´05; Hausmusik
* 18. KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF- lichterloh ****
* 19. KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF- unstet (für Jeffrey Lee Pierce)
beide v.A. "Absencen", Staubgold D´05; Hausmusik+Indigo
* 20. THE GUN CLUB- watermelon man
v.A. "Miami", Animal Records/USA 1982, wiederveröffentlicht auf Sympathy For The Record Industry USA´04; Cargo
* 21. LIKE PLANKTON FOR THE ELEPHANT- captain cosmotic *****
beide von der "Ticket EP", Digital Kranky D´04; www.digitalkranky.de
* 23. ENON- knock that door
* 24. ENON- tilt you up!
beide v.A. "Lost Marbles And Exploded Evidence", Touch+Go USA´05; Cargo
***live am 06.04.05 in der Au, Frankfurt-Rödelheim (+ Zea aus Amsterdam)
****live am 08.04.05 in der Oetinger Villa, Darmstadt
*****live am 07.04.05 im Rotari, Offenbach; Plattenbau reloaded: Digital Kranky-Abend



Sendung vom 04. Februar 2005
Zu Gast Fezer, Sänger von der famosen Band TREND
u. ein paar von seinen Lieblingsplatten'

* Intro: MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album "Obrigado Saudade"
Unterlegmusik während der Sendung:
Das Album "Da" von PULKA, Sunday Service/D´05; Hausmusik
* 01. TREND- gott hat keine flugzeuge
von der gleichnamigen 7", Plastic Bomb/D´04; im Cargo-Vertrieb
* 02. TREND- freundliches feuer
Demo, bislang unveröffentlicht
* 03. SLIME- yankees raus
vom gleichnamigen Album, AGR/D´82; Wiederveröffentlichung auf CD gut erhältlich
* 04. COP SHOOT COP- the divorce
v.A. "Release", Atlantic 1994
* 05. TREND- wir haben einen auftrag
v.A. "Das Produkt", Unter Schafen/Plastic Bomb; Cargo
* 06. SPIZZ ENERGI- where´s captain kirk?
v.gleichnamigen 7", Rough Trade/UK´79; gibt es wohl sogar noch als Original zu kaufen!!!
* 07. MODERN ENGLISH- gathering dust
v.A. "Life in the Gladhouse, 1980-1984: Best of Modern English", 4AD/UK´01
* 08. TREND- thälmann tombola
siehe 05.
* 09. LES SAVY FAV- hide me from next february
von 12"EP/CDEP "Rome", Southern Records USA´00; Alive (???)
* 10. NATION OF ULYSSES- spectra sonic sound
* 11. NATION OF ULYSSES- look out! soul is back
v.A. "13 point program to destroy america", Dischord/USA´91; Alive
Blind Date
* 12. LOU BARLOW- holding back the year
v.A. "Home", Domino/UK´05; Rough Trade
* 13. BLACK MOUNTAIN- don´t run our hearts around
v.A. "s/t", Jagjaguwar/USA´05; Cargo
* 14. HOOD- the lost you
v.A. "Outside closer", Domino/UK´05; Rough Trade
* 15. IRON+WINE- woman king
v.gleichnamiger Minicd, Sub Pop/USA´05; Cargo
* 16. PANOPLY ACADEMY- dreamer
v.A. "Everything here was built to break", Secretly Canadian/USA´04; Cargo
* 17. THE PREFECTS- faults
v.A. "...are amateur wankers", Acute/USA´04; Cargo
* 18. TREND- nicht die gesunden
siehe 05.
* 19. CLICKCLICKDECKER- hab´s verkackt
v. "Schnulli " 7", Meerwert/D´04; www.meerwert.org
* 20. URLAUB IN POLEN- cut off
v.A. "White spot", Rakete Musik/D´04; Rough Trade
* 20. LATTEKOHLERTOR- die disco geht weiter
v.A. "s/t", F@ul Collective/D´03; www.punkrock.de/adrecords



Sendung vom 07. Januar 2005
'Wasteland-Jahresrückblick: Die Lieblingsalben des Jahres 2004'
mit Reiner Bös und den Gästen Peter Kels, Klaus Richter u. Martin Schellhorn
u. Überraschungsgast Daniel Koerth

* Eröffnungstrack: MICE PARADE- out of the freedom world v.Album "Obrigado Saudade"
* Unterlegmusik während der Sendung: Das Album "The Isolationist" von BEEF TERMINAL
A) Die drittliebsten Alben des Jahres:
* 01. COMETS ON FIRE- Blue Cathedral (Sub Pop/USA) --- ausgewählt von Martin
Song: whisky river
* 02. FENNESZ- Venice (Touch/UK) ---ausgewählt von Peter
Song: point of it all
* 03. MINUS STORY- The Captain Is Dead... (Jagjaguwar/USA) --- ausgewählt von Klaus
Song: you were on my side
* 04. MICE PARADE- Obrigado Saudade (Fat Cat/UK) --- ausgewählt von Reiner
B) Die zweitliebsten Alben des Jahres:
* 05. ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE & THE MELTING PARAISO U.F.O. - The Penultimate Galactic Bordello Also The World You Made (Dirter Promotions/UK) --- Martin
Song: the seven stigmata from pussycat nebula
* 06. LES SAVY FAV- Inches (Frenchkiss/USA) --- Peter
Song: we´ll make a lover of you
* 07. SUFJAN STEVENS- Seven Swans (Sounds Familyre/USA) --- Klaus
Song: the dress looks nice on you
* 08. WINDSOR FOR THE DERBY- We Fight ´Til Death (Secretly Canadian/USA) --- Reiner
Song: for people unknown
C) Die allerliebsten Alben des Jahres:
* 09. PAN AMERICAN- Quiet City (Kranky/US) --- Martin
Song: skylight
* 10. THE ARCADE FIRE- Funeral (Merge/US) --- Peter
Song: neighborhood # 2
* 11. TWINE- s/t (Ghostly Int./USA´03) --- Klaus
song: plectrum
* 12. N.LANNON- Chemical Friends (Badman/USA) --- Reiner
Song: the nature of things
D) Weitere herausragende Veröffentlichungen waren:
* 13. DEVENDRA BANHART- Rejoicing In The Hands (XL/Young God-UK/USA) --- Reiner
Song: it´s a sight to be hold
* 14. THE NEW YEAR- The End Is Near (Touch+Go/USA) --- Martin
Song: disease
* 15. LE FLY PAN AM- N´ecoutez Pas (Constellation/CAN) --- Peter
Song: reverse
* 16. JOANNA NEWSOM- The Milk-Eyed Mender (Drag City/USA) --- Klaus
Song: peach, plum, pear
* 17. BARK PSYCHOSIS- Codename: Dustsucker (Fire/USA) --- Peter
Song: inqb8tr
* 18. COCOROSIE- La Maison De Mon Rêve (Touch+Go/USA) --- Daniel

Die Top10 Alben:
Martin Schellhorn
* 01. PAN AMERICAN- Quiet city (Kranky/USA; Hausmusik-Vertrieb)
* 02. ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE...- The Penultimate Galactic... (Dirter Promotions/UK; Cargo Records)
* 03. COMETS ON FIRE- blue cathedral (Sub Pop/USA; Cargo)
* 04. THE NEW YEAR- the end is near (Touch+Go/USA; Cargo)
* 05. KARATE- pockets (Southern/USA; Alive)
* 06. ONEIDA- secret wars (Rough Trade/UK; Rough Trade)
* 07. HAVERGAL- eletttricita (Secretly Canadian/USA; Cargo)
* 08. WINDSOR FOR THE DERBY- we fight ´til death (Secretly Canadian/USA; Cargo)
* 09. BLUES EXPLOSION- damage (Mute/UK; Emi)
* 10. FLY PAN AM- n´ecoutez pas (Constellation/CAN; Hausmusik)
Peter Kels
* 01. THE ARCADE FIRE- funeral (Merge/USA; Cargo)
* 02. LES SAVY FAV- inches (Frenchkiss/USA; Import)
* 03. FENNESZ- venice (Touch/UK; Sony)
* 04. FLY PAN AM- n´ecoutez pas (Constellation/CAN; Hausmusik)
* 05. BARK PSYCHOSIS- codename: dustsucker (Fire/USA; Import)
* 06. DUNGEN- ta det lugnet (Subliminal Sounds/SWE; Import)
* 07. THE NEW YEAR- the end is near (Touch+Go/USA; Cargo)
* 08. CALIFONE- heron king blues (Thrill Jockey/USA; Rough Trade)
* 09. SHALABI EFFECT- pink abyss (Alien 8/CAN; Cargo)
* 10. THE EXPLODING HEARTS- guitar romantic (Dirtnap/USA; Import)
Klaus Richter
* 01. SUFJAN STEVENS- seven swans (Sounds Familyre/USA; Cargo)
* 01. TWINE- s/t (Ghostly/USA´03; Rough Trade)
* 03. MINUS STORY- the captain´s dead...(Jagjaguwar/USA; Cargo)
* 04. THE REMOTE VIEWER- you´re going to love...EP (City Centre O./D; Hausmusik)
* 05. JOANNA NEWSOM- the milk-eyed mender (Drag City/USA; Rough Trade)
* 06. IRON+WINE- our endless numbered days (Sub Pop/USA; Cargo)
* 07. VOLLMAR- 13 or so people who need changes (Blue Sanct/USA; Cargo)
* 08. PAN AMERICAN- quiet city (Kranky/USA; Hausmusik)
* 09. NITRADA- we don´t know why but we do it (2nd Rec./D; Hausmusik)
* 10. ELECTRELANE- the power out (Too Pure/UK; Indigo)
Anmerkung: Klaus hat sich für 2 erste Plätze entschieden.
Reiner Bös
* 01. n.LANNON- chemical friends (Badman/USA; Cargo)
* 02. WINDSOR FOR THE DERBY- we fight ´til death (Secretly Canadian/USA; Cargo)
* 03. MICE PARADE- obrigado saudade (Fatcat/UK; Hausmusik)
* 04. DEVENDRA BANHART- rejoicing in the hands (Young God/XL-USA/UK; Indigo)
* 05. JOANNA NEWSOM- the milk-eyed mender (Drag City/USA; Rough Trade)
* 06. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE- sung tongs (Fatcat/UK; Hausmusik)
* 07. FENNESZ- venice (Touch/UK; Sony)
* 08. SUFJAN STEVENS- greetings...+ seven swans (Sounds Familyre/USA; Cargo)
* 09. ONEIDA- secret wars (Rough Trade/UK; Rough Trade)
* 10. PIANO MAGIC- the troubled sleep of... (Green UFOs/SPA´03; Import)


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