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Sendung vom 01.09.06
Was machen Sie, nachdem Sie "Guten Tag" gesagt haben?

Afghan Whigs * My world is empty without you babe
Sado Okwsa *
Magnolia Electric * Werewolves of London
Dinosaur jr. * Freak Scene
The Strokes * Hawaii
Halibuts * summertime
Jacques Dutronc * on nous cache tout, on nous dit rien
Vicky Anderson * message from the soul sister
Wanda Jackson * Kansas City
Russian Folk Orchestra * midnight in moscow
Johnny Cash * Further on up the road
Nikki Sudden * Chelsea embankment
Chica and the folder * I'll come running
Ray Lamontagne * Crazy
Margherita Cartioso * Vincenzo Bellini
Buffalo Springfield * For what it's worth
Dutch street organ * De vijf beelden
Stereo Total * Prends moi (take me)
The Monkees * Michigan Backhawk
Bobby Bland * Ain't no love in the hearts of the city
Kay Adams * little pink mack
Peter Alexander * Ein Schloss auf dem Mond
Urge Overkill * Wichita Lineman
Pulp * Babies
Supersuckers * Goin' back to Tucson
Gun Club * sex beat
Rufus Thomas * Willy Nilly
Willie Colon * La Murga
Nappy Roots * Kentucky Mud
Sagat * Fuk Dat
The Kinks * Where have all the good times gone
Johnny Rivers * Secret agent man
James Hand * In the corner, at the table, by the jukebox
Sammi Smith * Saunders Ferry Lane
Junkyard dogs * breakin' the law
Dave Crusin * it takes a thief



Sendung vom 23.06.06
"Lets make believe we’re sweethearts"

Holly Golightly * Tell me now so i know
Jimmy Smith * Got my mojo workin’
Alex Chilton * Take it off
Lemonheads * My drug body
Lotto King Karl * Hamburg meine Perle
Little Esther Philips * Just say goodbye
Edmundo Ross * Brazil
Milton Brown & his Musical Brownies * Who’s sorry now
Sister Getrude * Take the lord along with you
The Godfathers * If i only had time
AC DC * Given the dog a bone
Baby Washington * think about the good times
Texas Lightning * No no never
Jonathan Richman * Since she started to ride
Merle Haggard * The longer you wait
Timmy Thomas * Why cant we live together
Sammy Davis Jr. * I’ll begin again
Vicky Anderson * I'm too tuff for mr. big stuff
Elvis Costello * Radio sweetheart
Cramps * Cramp stomp
The Farm * Stepping stone
The Stone Roses * Fools gold
Timmy Thomas * Sweet brown suggar
Aretha Franklin * Oh not my baby
Songs about science’ * What is energy?
Light crust cowboy’s * Lets make believe we’re sweethearts
Bette Midler * Shiver me timbers
Van Morrison * Bulb
Bill Drummond * True to the trail
Takeshi Terauchi and_Bunnys * Komuro Oiwake
Moddy Scott * We’ve got to save it
The Go-Betweens * Apology accepted
Johnny Cash * Danny boy
Belle & Sebastian * A space boy dream
Willie Mitchell * Take five
Edwyn Collins * Take care of yourself



Sendung vom 02.06.06
One Diamond

Dirty Three * Hope
Baby you know * hellfire and brimstone
Dave Graney * Nobody's gonna love you
Robert Forster * Tell me that it isn't true
Ed Kuepper * Everybody's got to
Luna * this time around
Baby you know * suicide show
The Go-Betweens * the sound of rain
Nikki Sudden * Before I die
Wake Ooloo * Don't look now
The Go-Betweens * Here comes a city
Beth Orton * stolen car
Bob Dylan * I want you
Grant McLennan * Do your own thing
The Go-Betweens * Don't call me gone
Bill Drummond * I'm the king of joy
Nick Cave & the bad seeds * Deanna (acoustic version)
The Triffids * Bottle of love
Robert Forster * Forever & time
Granada * Salmon Country
Mick Harvey * Bonnie & Clyde
Grant McLennan * Haven't I been a fool
David McComb * Nothing good
The Go-Betweens * In her diary
The Saints * Photograph...................................
These immortal souls * the story goes
Epic Soundtracks. * stealaway
Baby you know * Do I really have to say it?
Grant Hart * 2541
Anita Lane * The word's a girl
Cleopatra Wong *  dangerous girl
Nikki Sudden * I'm crying
The Go-Betweens * Rock and Roll friend



Sendung vom 12.05.06
Good Bye My Rock And Roll Friend

Grant McLennan: 12th February 1958 - 6th May 2006     



A Tribute to The Go Betweens

Dusty in here * from the Album Before Hollywood
Finding you * from the Album Oceans Apart
He lives my life * from the Album The friends of Rachel Worth
Bachelor kisses * from the Album Spring hill fair
Your turn, my turn * from the Album Send me a lullaby
In the core of a flame * from the Album Liberty belle and the black Diamond Express
Right here * from the Album Tallulah
Careless * from the Album Send me a lullaby
Poison in the walls * from the Album Bright yellow bright orange
Love goes on! * from the Album 16 Lovers Lane
Magic in here * from the Album The friends of Rachel Worth
Don't call me gone * Right here Single B-Side
Do your own thing * from the Grant McLennan Solo Album Horsebreaker Star
Cattle and cane * from the Album Before Hollywood
Man O'Sand to girl O'Sea * from the Album Spring hill fair
Surfing Magazines * from the Album The friends of Rachel Worth
Spring Rain * from the Album Liberty belle and the black Diamond Express
Lee Remick * The Able Lable Singles
Here comes a city * from the Album Oceans Apart
Apology accepted * from the Album Liberty belle and the black Diamond Express
Bye bye pride * from the Album Tallulah
Was there anything I could do * from the Album 16 Lovers Lane
Rock and Roll friend * Was the anything I could do Single B-Side
This girl, black girl * 1978-1990 (originally released as a Single B-Side)
Streets of your town * Live at the Tivoli, Brisbane 06.08.05
......................................(from the Album 16 Lovers Lane)
People say * The Able Lable Singles
Boundary rider * from the Album Oceans Apart
You won't find it again * 1978-1990
Draining the pool for you * from the Album Spring hill fair
Karen * The Able Lable singles
The sound or rain * Live in London at the barbican 27.06.04
The wrong road * from the Album Liberty belle and the black Diamond Express



Sendung vom 21.04.06

Nikki Sudden: 19th July 1956 - 26th March 2006



Nikki Sudden * Chelsea Embankment
Evan Foster * Venice, late night
Dan Penn & Chuck Prophet * Heavy Duty
Aretha Franklin * Oh no not my baby
Holly Golightly * Walk a mile
Count Base D * Seven years
Walter Ulbricht * Mit der Monotonie muß jetzt Schluß sein
The Lyres * How do you know
Ceasars * Jerk it out
Kilima Hawaiians * Cowboys Traum
Howlin‘ Wilf & the vee jays * Ya ya
Chet Atkins * The Nashville jump
The Band of blacky Ranchette * Working on the railroad
Dillard & Clark * I bowed my head and cried holy
Good Books * Passchendaele
Detroit Cobras * Cha cha twist
Georg Kreisler * Frühlingslied
The Go Betweens * Spring rain
Rodrigues * Hate street dialogue
Mary Wells * Stop right here
The Gun Club * Fire spirit
Elvis Costello * Radio sweetheart
Johnny Cash * Wer kennt den Weg?
Lee Hazlewood * Son of a gun
Chica and the folder * I’ll come running
A drastic measure * New York Limousine
Al Green * Are you lonely for me baby
Sammy Davis jr. * I want to be happy
Orchester Günther Gollasch * House of the rising sun
Lou Rawls * I want to be loved (but by only you)
Helmut Maurer * Hunnert Fäßcher Ebbelwei
Sonny Rollins * I’m an old cowhand
Art Brut * Bad weekend
Tom T. Hall * Shoeshine man
Creedence Clearwater Revival * looking out my back door
Jonathan Richman * Corner store
Nikki Sudden * It’ll all end up in tears
Nikki Sudden * Road of broken dreams



Sendung vom 03. März 2006

The Stone Roses * I wanna be adored
Donny Hathaway * little ghetto boy
Toots & the maytals * Reggae got soul
Thelonious Monk * Caravan
Lou Rawls * Gentle on my mind
Blumfeld * Verstärker
Redskins * 16 Tons
Johnny Cash * T for Texas
Commander Cody & his last planet airman * Hot rod lincoln
Gun Club * My dreams
The Perfect Disaster * Rise
Sun Ra * Sun earth rock
Mick Harvey * Intoxicated man
Godfathers * S.T.B.
The Go Betweens * Magic in here
Marvin Gaye (live) * Since I had you
Marvin Gaye (live) * Come get to this
Marvin Gaye (live) * Let's get it on
Cow * Country Shirt
Nas * Represent
Leon Thomas * Bag's Groove
Primal Scream * Ivy Ivy Ivy
The Nomads * She pays the rent
The Strokes * Last nite
Dogs * Shout
Jonathan Richman * Ice cream man
Dillard & Clark * Get it on brother (Git in line brother)
Glen Campbell * Wichita Lineman
Dillard & Clark * Out on the side
Nouvelle Vague * In a manner of speaking


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