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Sendung vom 24. Juni 2005
Cash / Go Betweens Spezial

Johnny Cash * The ballad of Annie Palmer
The Go Betweens * Lee Remick
Johnny Cash * A certain kinda hurtin‘
The Go Betweens * Draining the pool for you
Johnny Cash * Sea of heartbreak
The Go Betweens * Rock’n Roll friend
Johnny Cash * Honky tonk girl
The Go Betweens * I’m alright
Johnny Cash * Solitary man
The Go Betweens * The sound of rain (live)
Johnny Cash * Wichita lineman
The Go Betweens * Mrs Morgan
Johnny Cash * Understand your man
The Go Betweens * Your turn, my turn
Johnny Cash * Just one more
The Go Betweens * Apology accepted
Johnny Cash * In them old cottonfields back home
The Go Betweens * Don’t call me gone
Johnny Cash * Without love
The Go Betweens * Finding you
Johnny Cash * We’ll meet again
The Go Betweens * Spring rain
Johnny Cash * Country boy
The Go Betweens * People say
Johnny Cash * A man comes around
The Go Betweens * Surfing Magazines
Johnny Cash * The gambler
The Go Betweens * Here comes a city
Johnny Cash * A boy named Sue
The Go Betweens * Bachelor kisses
Johnny Cash * I see a darkness
The Go Betweens * Dusty in here
Johnny Cash * Spiritual
The Go Betweens * The wrong road
Johnny Cash * (part of) The solitary man interview with Tim Robbins
The Go Betweens * Karen


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